Mar 9 2011Geekologie Reader's DIY Zelda Mini-Arcade


This is Geekologie Reader Greg's homemade Legend of Zelda mini-arcade. It has a Nintendo stuffed in the back. Originally Greg just sent me a video of the machine, which looks suspiciously like it was filmed in the middle of a seizure, so I convinced him to send me some pictures. A couple more of those and the video (complete with Ms. Pac-Man mini-arcade!) after the jump. Good lookin', Greg. I'm talking about the machine itself, not your camera skills. Those still leave a little something lot of everything to be desired. GET A TRIFORCE, BRO! "You mean tripod?" I SAID WHAT I MEANT, LINK CAN'T BE TRUSTED ANYMORE. NOW GO! Oh wait, I almost forgot -- It's dangerous to go alone! Take this. *hands dildo*

*waits for Greg to leave, calls buddy on phone* Duuuuuude -- I just sent a guy out the door to battle Ganon with a f***in' dildo for a sword! The octorocs are gonna eat his ass alive!

Hit the jump for a couple more pics and a video walkaround (NOT reach).





Thanks Greg, now make me one. *Jedi hand-wave* For free.

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now that is done... this machine looks pretty legit, if only it was a little bit bigger to be more like the classic arcade machines.

First 3 posts?



If only this thing played OoT.. then i would be happy.

need console that plays every zelda game. somebody make it happen

@7 they have those, they're sold as "computers"

I would like it if he posted a series so I could make one myself. Or perhaps, any arcade game instead of these two...
That would be tight...

@ 9 so tight, like my butt

... GW has a 'buddy'?

Huh? What are the extra buttons for? Doesn't the wooden sword just disappear when you get the master sword? What's with the red bomb button? What version of Zelda is this guy playing?

@1-3 pfft, screw you...I'm playing Zelda

@12 If you watched the video, you would know that they're turbo buttons.

Looks awesome, just wish the guy wasn't speaking on the video, his voice is annoying as hell. I love Zelda though, so anything to do with it can't be bad n__n

@14 Screw off, Father. I was wondering the same thing as 12 myself.

@13.. i wish i could be playing zelda.. but im sitting im a computer science class..

in a*

If you're gonna do it, why go mini? Kudos! ...but why go mini?

@12 buttons are start, select, b, a, turbo b, and turbo a. Instead of writing b and a I decorated the control panel with swords and bombs to make it more Zelda-y

mow mow

How about a sticker of Link takin a Dump on Zelda's chest?

mow mow

why such a small screen???

Love it, i would pay for something like this.....

greg!!! u shoulda told him the reason this machine is so awesome is cuz u can play donkey kong too

@19. I live in a mini apartment. I have a mini dishwasher , a mini stove a mini fridge and now mini arcades. Hold on *sips a mini corona* ahhhhhhh refreshing. Anyway I have no space for a full size cab at the moment.

@15. You being fat is annoying.

@ 15. My voice is annoying? Ive seen your "art." You have no right to talk down to anyone......

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