Mar 7 2011Dating Site Matches Couples That Look Alike


You know how they say that couples that are together for a long time start to look like one another? I know, I thought that was an old wive's tale too (old wives talk about the craziest shit!). Anyway, with this concept in mind, an upcoming online dating service ( -- launching later this month) plans to match couples that look alike. Because, let's face it: nothin' beats making love to yourself.. Oh GW -- so caliente (in my mind I'm somewhat of a Spanish stallion. Literally -- like a warhorse that can talk).

In a 1989 study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, male and female "raters" were asked to judge the faces of 60 couples (some real, some strangers included as a control) on a nine-point scale, where 1 represented no similarity and 9 indicated the hypothetical case of opposite-sex twins. The average score for non-couples was 3.52; among actual couples, the average was 4.05. Concluded the study: "The results suggest that the observation of facial resemblance among couples appears to reflect a real phenomenon."

So following the reasoning that facial similarities seem to help with initial attraction, decided to use a "facial-recognition technology developed by, which zeros in on nine points on each face -- the eyes, ears, nose, chin, and the corners and center of the mouth -- to find similarities" between potential romantic partners.

Wow, that sounds like...a great way to accidentally start dating a relative.

Someone Like You [nymag]
New dating site will find your look-alike [digitallife]

Thanks to Jillian, who doesn't want to date people that look like her because she doesn't want to wind up sharing clothes. Hey, I'm with you.

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yes it's called masturbation !

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in the uk asda(walmart) has a dating website that matches singles on what they eat. individual microwave meals for 1 i guess

They finish each other's sentences and then you want to hit them both.

I like my twin sister...ALLOT!

I wouldn't mind a girl who looked a LITTLE like me but not EXACTLY like me.

.5 is such a small difference... it can probably be accounted for with just people's tendency to date within their own race

"couples that like alike" ?? Does GW just not proof read anymore or something?


I'm fat and hairy...great. I'd rather masturbate, oh wait....

That's just f*cking retarded. They've got it completely backwards. Appearing to look similar is a RESULT of long-term partnership, because couples naturally adopt eachother's facial expressions - so over time the same muscle groups get used or go unused and so get more or less taught. This is an accepted fact.

So pairing up couples who look similar is not going to make any difference.

I'm a blonde, long-haired man with man-boobs, that's most of the time naked. How lucky am I?

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@16 Somebody wise once said, "you have to be 100 percent identical to be matched with someone on this website."

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I'm not that narcissistic that I need a mate that looks like me... if i truly need that kind of affection, I'll force myself to make eye contact with myself while looking in a mirror when I jerk off

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This will make a new section on I think

This is a little scary, they have similar hair as I. :E

Is that image from the Rachael Ray Show? I don't see any source credits.


Correlation != Causation

"..nothin' beats making love to yourself.." hilarious!

I look like a weedy gayboy. My asshole dangles past my knees after all the reamings from my gay boyfriend Leroy, with his 14" black cock. I can stand up to take a shit!

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