Mar 7 2011Bootyful: Sweet Pirate Ship Themed Bedroom


Bootyful, get it?! Me neither, my dogs told me to type it or they'd pee on my favorite rug AND THEN THE WHOLE ROOM WOULD COME UNRAVELED. Lebowski reference -- count it.

This is a pirate-themed bedroom designed for a six-year old who may or may yes be spoiled rotten. It can be accessed via a hidden slide in the home's mudroom (picture walkthrough after the jump) and has just about everything a kid would need to grow up to be a self-entitled jerkbag. Way to go, parents. Huh? YES I'M JUST BEING JEALOUS.

Designed by Steve Kuhl for a six-year old, the bedroom has a "floating" pirate ship that is connected to a "jail cell" by means of a rope bridge. A rope's suspended from the ship's hull for quick access to the closet, and another awesome addition is a completely hidden spiral slide, for the kid to travel downstairs in awesomeness.

Hit the jump for an entire gallery of the childhood bedroom you wish you had had. Wow, and to think how happy I was when I got a regular-ol' bunkbed. Granted things got less happy after I rolled out of it one night and shattered my fishtank on the way down, but you ever seen your aquatic friends flopping around dying on your bedroom carpet? I think my dad made a fish-stick joke.

Hit the jump and get jealous.












Ultimate Pirate Ship Bedroom
I'm obsessed with...THIS PIRATE BEDROOM! [blahbethany]
Pirate ship bedroom I'd go to war for [randommization]

Thanks to eD, Catrina and Sam, who all had treehouses growing up which, provided they were spider-free, ain't too shabby.

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Reader Comments


to say this is amazing

damn... closest ive ever been to first

Pretty cool...until the kid gets older and wants to have a girl over. Although... "want to see my pirate ship?" could work as a good pick-up line.


Welcome to real life.

That's a big kid.

This is going to be amazing for that kid in about 10 years once he starts hiding in his ship to smoke a bowl

This is going to be amazing for that kid in about 10 years once he starts hiding in his ship to smoke a bowl

@3 I wouldn't date a girl who couldn't appreciate that

so this room has like a 40 foot ceiling?

being american it is inevitable that he will eventually be too fat to negotiate the slide...


@7 i was thinking the same thing! baaaa hahahaha

mow mow

Bad parenting

mow mow

Butt Pirate!!

*Sigh* .....Really?

this is the work of Rich daddy. THIS KID NEEDS TO HAVE POOR PARENTS. hes going to grow up to be a snob.

this is the work of Rich daddy. THIS KID NEEDS TO HAVE POOR PARENTS. hes going to grow up to be a snob.

Suddenly underwhelmed by my Star Wars sheets

Amen to that

Sounds like 17's jealous.

Fucking spoiled little shit. I want one. The pirate room, that is, not the spoiled little shit.

I just like the idea of building a slide through pretty much the entire house. They made it way too small, though - should work for all family members...

"I'm late for work, Hon', I'm taking the slide down"
"Okay dear, but don't forget your keys before you cross the moat!"

@10 Well we know he's not Welsh. If he was, then he would have been born to fat to ever be able to use any of this, because genetically the Welsh are the most obese people on the planet.

I'm with #5. This was designed by a 36-year-old FOR a 36-year-old (to kidnap and molest 6-year-olds in).

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he's totally going to smoke pot in that when he's 16.

No.. the sad truth of this is that it was made by some dad who really loves his kid and wanted to do something that he thought the kid would love and appreciate.
HOWEVER there is simply no way a a six year old kid truely CAN appreciate it. He does'nt have the grasp or experience yet to say that this is something truly unique.
Whats going to happen is that he will love it for about 2 days and after that it will be covered in legos, power rangers and bakugans to the point it will just be another room and the father will grow more and more despondent expecting his child to every day wake up and jump for joy in such a place.
It ain't gonna happen.
Asshat should have just taken the money he spent on that room, spent half on making ut normal and nice and the other half on a trip to disney land or something.

Honestly they spent at least 6 k on the slide and they couldn't afford a cool bedspread?? I would be embarrassed. "no, you can't come see my room, my blanket is totally gay".
Not to mention the poor little guy got beat with the ugly stick. (or maybe just Winona.... does anyone remember that kid from Mr. Deeds?? He looked like this kid!)

And finally, my 7 year old's room has a pirate theme (with a loft bed, GW! no fishtank yet, however.) I like it because it is much more liveable, and we've made a good investment w/ his furniture (nothing he will outgrow even after he outgrows pirates) . Any way a kid can have a cool themed room without going to the nines, or even going walmart crazy w/the bed ina bag and matching accessories. That's too much. Subtle effects towards your overall design, but I'm sorry to ramble.

btw, GW, nice tag about the Black Rock. XD

I don't understand why they didn't put the bed IN the ship!

who gives a fuck?

@23 no, I'm pretty sure that's Americans.

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