3-Pound, 3/4 Size Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Tries To Pack As Much Sound As A Full-Body

March 17, 2011


Fat sound in a little suit.

The Blackbird Rider (who the hell rides Blackbirds -- what are you, a forest nymph?!) is a 3-pound acoustic travel (3/4 size) guitar made entirely out of carbon fiber (NOT Millennium Falcon) and designed for 1. super portability and 2. as much sound as possible. I dunno, I'm still partial to toting an air-horn.

Built out of carbon fiber, the manufacturer, SF-based Blackbird Guitars, claims that at 3 pounds, the Rider is one of the lightest guitars in the world. Contrast that to your average Fender Stratocaster, which weighs more than twice that.

The designers of the Blackbird Rider solved that problem [weak sound] by a.) extending the shoulder to the 10th fret, which increases the overall volume of the sound box; b.) carving an asymmetrical hole in the body that hole works like an amplifier, boosting the effective size of the sound board; and c.) having a body made of continuous sheets of carbon fiber, rather than separate pieces of wood whose joints absorb sound vibrations (and sap volume).

The guitars start at $1,600, which, I'll be honest, is $200 more than I've ever paid for a car. Granted you can't play a two-tone 1991 Chrysler LeBaron to serenade the ladies and get your slide-whistle wet, but you can neutral-drop it at every stop light until the transmission falls out. SUCK IT, JOHN MAYER! My body IS a wonderland though -- you were right about that. Just kidding, but I did convince the Smurfs it was an amusement park once.

Hit the jump for a couple more product shots and a link to the official site.





Official Site
A Carbon Fiber Guitar Packs Big Sound in a Little Body [yahoonews]

Thanks to Jake, who can't play the guitar but can play the hell out of board games. Congratulations, Jake, what are you, seven?

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