Feb 4 2011Water-Powered Jetpacks Going On Sale


Remember the water-powered jetpack we reported on (link includes video) back in January of '09? Me neither, that was two whole years ago. WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE, AN ELEPHANT?! Well now JetLev, the company behind the device, is ready to roll them out to the public. And all for the low, low price of $136,000. JESUS, HOW DO YOU EXPECT TO TURN A PROFIT SELLING THEM SO LOW?!

It's taken over 10 years for its Canadian inventor, Raymond Li, to realize his dream and see his jetpack go on sale, but judging by the pictures it looks well worth the wait.

The Jetlev has three main components -- a lightweight carbon fiber backpack, a 10-meter hose and an engine unit which floats on the water.

The engine sucks water up through the hose and forces it through two adjustable nozzles on the backpack, creating up to 500 pounds of thrust...

Small adjustments to the hand controls allow pilots to control the speed -- a maximum of 35 kph (22 mph) -- and your height, which rises to a maximum of 10 meters (30 feet), according to the manufacturers.

For you poorer folks out there, Jetlev is talking to vacation resorts about leasing options so even peasants can experience the thrill of blasting yourself face first into the water from 30-feet up. Whee, I'm drowning. Hey I think this merman wants to kiss me. Well, maybe just a peck!

Hit the jump for a video demonstration if you're not familiar with the technology.

New jetpack gets set for summer take-off
Official Site

Thanks to Pat, Mr. Knuckles, Brett and Jeff, who know you can achieve the exact same thing by drinking a whole bunch of beers and holding it long enough.

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Reader Comments

Super Maaario Sunshiiiiine!

Sick! I want one!


Hey I sent that tip too.

I once had explosive diarrhea and was able to rise to 11 meters for a few seconds

Oh my god it IS like Super Mario Sunshine.

Over 130 grand so you can take it out a couple of times a year and realize it's not as fun as it looks, uum yeah, ok.

I can't afford one of these.... so I'm just gonna have to get stoned and ride the escalators.... just sayin

so that's how jesus walked on water

Somalian pirates need those!

They have a list on their page:
Banned maneuvers
* Vertical takeoffs from shallow water, shore, dock, boat, etc.
* Vertical landings to shallow bottom, shore, dock, boat, etc.
* Drops (rapid descent with little or no power)
* Fall arrest (arresting a drop by gunning the throttle)
* Flying backwards
* Underwater travel (special equipment and high underwater visibility required)
* Yaw turns beyond 90° in each direction
* Summersaults and tumbles
* Other unstable and high risk maneuvers

It contains every move I would have wanted to make... So, meh...

It makes me proud to hear of fellow canucks making real expensive impractical shit.

I wish I was rich so I could buy one of these and die.


Dong polevaulting. Minimum 10-meter "hose" required. That dude in the pic has it down pat.

I honestly thought the video was gonna be a mario sunshine trailer

cant wait to hear the first jetard that cleans the tissue off his calves has to say about it.

that is a bull shit price. Even with a electric jet ski coming out for 30,000. This is high way robbery, i still want one but fuck man 136,000..... fuck!!!!!!

supermario sunshine should sue.....the deffendant hereby agrees to the agreed upon amount of 500 stars, court is adjourned. *bang gavel*

how noisy is it ? can't find a video with the original sound

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