Only A Matter Of Time: A Minecraft Proposal

February 17, 2011


Because no video game is complete until somebody proposes in it, a Minecraft proposal was made last week by A BioWare game developer to his BioWare game developer girlfriend. I'm not sure if the virtual ring was the only one presented, but that's pretty smart (and thrifty!) if it was. Plus you could save a fortune on the wedding by having it in-game. That way I can crash the reception and set everyone's in-laws on fire. BEST DAY OF YO LIFE!

Hit the jump for a short video of the proposal going down.

Took longer than expected: A marriage proposal in Minecraft [joystiq]

Thanks to Jenn, who actually knows the groom-to-be and promised to ask if they're gonna have an in-game honeymoon. Dude could save all kinda money!

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