Oh Hai Captains: Kirk And Spock Bathrobes

February 28, 2011


Well Star Wars Jedi bathrobes already exist, so it was only a matter of time before somebody made Star Trek bathrobes. Available in doodoo-yellow 'Kirk' and baby blue 'Spock' models, each robe will set you back $50. Unless you accidentally let your morning wood hang out the front when you go to grab the paper and all the kids waiting for the school bus see you, in which case it'll cost whatever an indecent exposure ticket goes for (my last was $1,000 plus 90 days in the clink).

Hit the jump for a couple more shots including some close-ups in case you were wondering about the embroidery quality of a $50 robe.




ThinkGeek Product Site
Kirk and Spock Bathrobes [uberreview]

Thanks to Kevin, but not the one from Wonder Years which is a shame because I would shit my pants if I found out he read Geekologie. This Kevin just gets a little tinkle.

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