Feb 10 2011Medieval Heavy Metal LEGO Stop Motion Vid


This is a stop motion video featuring a LEGO lumberjack (who looks suspiciously like Gimli) that gets struck by lightning and is granted the power of heavy metal. Which, I'm going to be honest -- I didn't even know was a power. Being able to see through women's shirts, sure, heavy metal, not so much. Still, it's worth a watch even if you have to turn down the volume to prevent yourself from pentagram-ing the conference room table with the marinara from your meatball sub. Just sayin', they will bring that shit up at your next performance review.

Hit the jump for the headbanging, mosh-pit punching, testicle stomping medieval madness in action.


Thanks to Jules, who got struck by lightning and was granted temporary blindness. Okay definitely not as cool.

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So this isn't how logging really works?

"Like the tree said to the lumberjack, 'I'm stumped!'" ~N. Flanders
..... just sayin

There's a glitch in the Matrix!

Annoying comment

Michael J Fox will never play Jenga.

Still desperate for stories GW???
what the FVCK, your posts are getting dumber

maybe I'm blind or too lazy to look, but I'd like to know who that song is by. Syop motion was good, music was good. I give 5 out of 5 bricks

GW, that ain't Heavy Metal. That's more like Pagan/Death Metal. Jus' sayin'.

reminds me of brutal legend

Should have played "Flirtin' With Disaster" instead.

@ 7
Quit bitching, if it's so lame, quit coming on here. If you can do better, make your own blog and post shit you think is good. Piss off.

The metalocalypse has begun

It would have been better without the shitty drumming.

That was fucking awesome.

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