Feb 15 2011Luke, I Am Your Beer Wench: The Definitive Star Wars Animated Gif


This is an animated gif of Leia handing a beer up to Luke after a long flight in his X-wing. I say after because I don't care how much Force you can harness, your ass is gonna crash into an asteroid if you drink too many before getting behind the wheel stick. Isn't that right, Admiral Ackbar? "IT'S A TRAP!" Dammit, no, not everything has to be a trap, man. Now -- how do I find out my bank account info, this Nigerian prince really needs my help. "IT'S A --" Not another word you fish-faced f***!!

Is This the Best Star Wars GIF Ever? [unrealitymag]

Thanks to Micropht, not as big as a regular pht, but it comes in handy when you're trying to fly under the radar.

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first is a trap, and cpt obvious just got fooled.

so much win

So this is like behind the scenes?

@4, no, it's from the new ultra 3d edition

@4 its from teh camera still running after wrapping a shot to celebrate

Even if you only started using the internet yesterday you should have already seen this gif. In the 3 years I've been visiting this blog I've resisted saying this, but I can no longer:

OLD OOOOLD OLD OLD!!!!!!!!! Did I mention how OLD this is?!

Awesome :-)

Now I want to see a gif of him throwing the empty into R2.

Use the burp luke!

this is clearly footage of underage drinking in the 70's. lol

the beer running down her arm is hot..I just Geek Goo'd a little..

@7 - I haven't seen this yet. The internet isn't just for you people who have seen everything already.


Alright, so which beer is now the official X-Wing sponsor?

Colt 45: The galaxy's finest malt beverage.

So what was she handing him in the original Star Wars?

@15 It's real. It's from a behind the scenes section.

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This has introduced me to new degrees of awesomeness....Thank You!

this is pretty cool. What the heck kind of beer is that though? damn. beer looked so much different back then. looks like a pint.

Fisher is so adorable - but she's like, 17 here, isn't she? Yeeesh.

Her chain bikini in "Jedi" almost made up for the fucking Ewoks. Almost.

@12 - It's not? Since when?!

@19... It's probably a British beer... lots of crew were British and much filming was done at Elstree studios near London.

@17... I am intrigued and would like to subscribe to your newsletter....

Ok first off I would like to say I am the biggest Star Wars fan on planet Earth.
I want to say that General Ackbar is the coolest character by far.

@7 - Yes, this image is old as the episode IV, so? whats your point? epic troll !!!

Beer might be Faxe, the cans look similar.


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