Feb 1 2011Full-Scale Buster Sword Replica From FFVII


This is a man and his full-scale and full-metal (read: heavy as f***) Buster sword from Final Fantasy VII. Sure dude looks more like he belongs on the set of a live-action World of Warcraft movie, but I can look past that. What I can't look past is that sword, because my God is that thing huge. Unfortunately, dude has some serious back problems, so he has to bring in some shirtless roid-y hunk (think Ronnie from Jersey Shore but with a nicer face *wink*) to swing the thing around for him and lay waste to a couple shipping palates (which I may or may yes have watched in slo-mo -- twice). Awh yeah homoerotic sword-swingin' -- that's what I'm talking about! *dropping trou* Joust?

Hit the jump for a video of the biggest sword you'll ever see in action.

(You can contact through his Youtube page if you want to buy this one or have a different sword commissioned)

This Real Final Fantasy Sword Does Some Real Damage [kotaku]

Thanks to Ford and Kyo, who can both swing heavier swords but don't like to brag about it because they don't want you asking them the next time you need help moving.

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Inversely proportional....... all I'm sayin'.

pointless if you can't aim like shit

Omnislash - not effective against pallets.

Do you first tards just sit there hitting refresh or something? Get a life.

If that sword had a better grip system, a bit of weight reduction, and sharper blade it'd be a great horse killer.

it's just a regular sized designer kitchen knife, the guy is really small

i bet it could cut that pallet better if there was some materia in those sockets.

Depends on the materia used

That sword couldn't cut shit!? He should work for apple and bring forth is unique sense of ergomics to the game

I guess cartoons are cartoons.

He actually reminds me of Pyramid Head - thirty years down the road.

kinda old.. i've actually been following this guy on youtube already for a year and a half at least. i like his Dreamtime short film he and his brother made. so cool.

Limit break fail

Palates? Seriously, that's what's in your mouth, GeeDub (other than those things in your mouth that we don't talk about here). Your PALATE is essentially what you taste with: What the homoerotic hunk-boy slashed up in the video are shipping PALLETS. Go ahead, look 'em both up, I'll wait....

OK, see?

Looks like you'll have to ask the vocablufairy to visit you once more {grinz}

slightly anticlimactic...

2 Materia slots. I would roll either:

MP Turbo/Knights of the Round


Command Counter/Deathblow

Just depends on if I'm fighting Seph or some scrubs.

They must try out at least slicing bread or opening envelopes with it. XD

Ronnie Smush


i'm holding out for Sephiroth's sword. I want a sword long enough to stab someone tomorrow.

might've worked if they'd cut into the grain of the wood instead of against it

Am I the only one who's masturbating to this video?

Next Up: Biggoron's Sword


ok, someone whip out their edit majic and put some damage numbers floting up when he hits (or miss?)

also looks like theres some opportunities for some charge upaction when he rests...active wait bar? limit break?

Somebody go get that thing called the internets and make this happen.

I think I just jizzed in my pants D:

It was: big sword, beardy bloke, beardy bloke, muscley bloke...that was when I became realy intrested.
I'd like to wrestle him!


The problem with that is they seem to have overdone the scale by a bit, it's far more then life size, most pics from ff7 have the sword being no taller then cloud and the handle is just big enough for two hands to have space to hold it

Does he have to do this without a shirt?!

They should have made it in carbon fiber which would've cost them an arm and a leg (but not take both to lift).

29: It's more or less the same height as him.

Mike is the man, man. his channel name is michaelcthulhu in case none of you found that out by now. and gah, that video is old...
I wish he'd bring back his Not-Batman series. D:

(Fortunately, it means "blade" in French. )

This dude has it. Talk about motivation… mwahahahah.

Final Fantasy series. Most overrated franchise ever in the VG world.

The tessaiga!! Backlash wave!

Kinda looks like ichigo's sword

Should be NSFW


"Buster" sword?

More like "Back Buster" sword... we almost got to see that first guy crack his back all the way... in front of his family :P

F*ing hilarious. Made my day, definitely to scale. lol

The beginning of that clip was so.. dorky. His doctor suggested for him not to do any heavy lifting because of his slipped disk. So his awkward wife stands in front of the pallet to "plead" for his "safety".
Then he asks the other guy ,does the exaggerated fluctuations and pauses, to lift it but the other dork gives a lame excuse.

I swear, anime club groupies and any type of convention goers must have a handbook of how to act awkward. You see them doing moves like poking, doing shifty eyes, or doing face/palm. Which are basically internet emotes not to be IRL. Lately they play up their drinking and cussing too. And you hear them saying a long Stttooooppppp or qquiitt iitt in a whine if they are being annoyed.
I spent years with this scene before I just couldn't handle it anymore.

I have the Biggest sword in Virginia. 5 ft 8 in 20lbs. I made mine and can use it to. HA HA HA lol.......... http://www.facebook.com/?sk=messages&tid=1389545950756#!/profile.php?id=100000058945974

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