Feb 16 2011'Dead Island' Trailer Forward AND Backward


Seen the teaser trailer for 'Dead Island', the upcoming (allegedly later this year) zombie-survival game that takes place on a tropical resort island in Papua New Guinea (link related)? Then hit the jump, watch it, and be amazed. Then watch the second video, which was lovingly recut to play backwards and at normal speed (you'll see why after watching the first one) by the guys over at Harcos Labs, who JUST SO HAPPEN to make Zombie Jerky and Blood Energy Potion. HA -- I'm on to you, Harcos Labs! Or, should I say, DHARMA INITIATIVE?! Dum-dum-dum!

Hit the jump and watch the videos, they're good.



Dead Island Official Site (currently under construction)
Harcos Labs


Thanks to Jen, who could take TWO whole islands full of zombies by herself. And to Aaron at Harcos Labs, who I'm really starting to wonder how hard he actually works.

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Reader Comments

Shit... I got chills. Hope the game is as amazing as the trailer



What would you call a person with a sexual fetish for unclothed zombie women???


Wow.. this looks amazing!

@3 - It's necrophilia no matter how you look at it. Traditional necrophiliacs just aren't as likely to be attacked by their "partner".

wow. holy crap.

But they aren't dead. They are UN-dead.

@6, clearly that's a significant difference. Zombifilia would seem the obvious term. Like when Will Smith had that hot zombie tramp strapped down on the table in "I am Legend". You know he tapped it.

Wow. Amazing. It's not often you see anything zombie-related with this sort of effect. It almost always is a horror kinda thing, and this is much more like a tragedy.

Or maybe I'm just reading WAY too far into it.


No, you just aren't looking at it the way me and 9 are.

Wow, as morbid as that was, that was beautiful.

Jon Brence is amazing!!!

Was that "The American Psycho" Stephan Bonnar?


Not bad, animation's pretty slick.

Alright, who cried?

*raises hand*

I cried.......

.....when I saw that Ken Jennings lost to Watson. TRAITOR.

Why did you implore that i watch this? I trusted you geekologie!

Karma is a bitch isnt?

Did that feel like an episode of Lost to anyone else?

@9 They weren't zombies in I am Legend they were Vampires. But that doesn't make you any less right.

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Yeaaaa I got chills too. ^_^

I can't stop crying. that was awesome.

Thanks for admitting it first 17. . . I just realized I have spent the last five minutes staring at my computer screen with an open mouth and a tear on my cheek. That was beautiful.

It is officially against the law to use "Breathe Me" in anything other than the series finale of Six Feet Under!!!!!


* raises hand

anything where kids brutally exterminated gets me...especially if it is a little girl, and my wife, daughter and myself are about to go on a vacation....Thanks, GW

My daughter is about her age and the trailer made me feel a little nausea..That sort of light headed feeling I would imagine I'd feel if something terrible happened to her...not my type of game, but impressive nonetheless.

OMG when did this happen?! Also, how? And, when?

Everyone cry. At once. Let me know when you have started.

this was depressing.... i just want to cry right now. if it was a typical zombie game i would play it, but this trailer.... i'm speechless.

The utter emotional tragedy and like... Desperation of those final moments, just make me imagine what World War Z movie is going to be like. If anyone here hasn't read it, look it up. The book is a masterpiece, and parts of it are heart wrenching like this trailer.

looks like typical dinnertime conversation at the in-laws

@27 indeed. However this did make pretty good use of it.

I'm hoping this game will be like L4D; just more depressing ;P

Zombie games never fail to impress. Great, GREAT trailer, I'm hoping another one featuring some gameplay will drop soon. Oh, and ^RE: WWZ--supposedly the story got picked up by Brad Pitt's studios, but the rumors have been churning for close to two years now. Hoping something concrete will show up soon, I'm getting reallll tired of waiting.

Worthwhile post, GW. Finally.

that was so sad... that's what happens when you don't pay attention to where your kid is, ZOMBIES HAPPEN.

Heeeey I saw this on aots :D

That's the saddest thing I've seen in awhile. I kinda don't wanna play the game now.

Runner Zombies?
Ah that suck

ooo looks promising


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadows are all wrong.

This is exactly like the scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max was at a meeting with Mark Zuckerberg where Mark was pleading with Max to stop DDoSing Facebook. To this day Facebook is a thing of the past and Max now advocates sex ,booze, and drugs to the hordes of people that became zombies due to a facebookless world.


I kind of wish it were a movie now just to see more cool stuff like that.

I could not watch the second one: "This video is not available in your country"

That's horrifying...

Song title from the second video?

Wait a minute, where did the little girl's neck wound come from? I've looked over this a couple times, and you only see her leg get bitten. In one part, the father is picking her up, and she seems alright, but after the part where we see him retreat from the one-handed bikini zombie, she suddenly has a bloody neck wound. Are we missing a piece of the whole?

kinda konfused

If anyone can please tell me where to get the song from the first vid, without the screaming and such, I'd deeply appreciate it.

That was quite sad.
Looks great, but sad.

Was the second video for people too stupid to work out what happend in the first one?


I love having depressing and horrible things (like the torment and killing of children) in my video games. I mean, why the fuck do I need escapism from the cruelties of the real world? I need to see little girls dying horribly. Thank you.

I'm not one to plug/spam sites or blogs however, (for those into zombies) I did stumble across a well written zombie novel blog called: Zombie me: Patchwork and Pieces; by William Zedalis. Look it up if interested.

Wat is the name of this great Song !!!!!!!!! Pleas help my !!!!!


in my video games. I mean, why the fuck do I need escapism from the cruelties of the real world? I need to see little girls dying horribly. Thank you.

Please "" The Name of This Song" ....

@ 46 - The song from the second video was Sia - Breathe Me.

@Noah - 'Breathe Me' by Sia.

Best known as the song from the last scene in Six Feet Under.

Man... I'm speechless after that.

That was honestly the best trailer for anything zombie I have ever seen. If the game doesn't fail with it's game play and they have something as original and emotional as this trailer I will defiantly play.

I'm with @29 on this one. I love zombie games (despite my wife's rampant ambulathanataphobia) and I've read World War Z, and I don't doubt that when Z-Day comes I'll have to face down at least one zombie'd child, but my daughter is about that age too, and this was just heart-wrenching. It's sick, and terrible, and depressing and beautiful. A little too real, a little too close to home, but well put together and a true masterpiece of emotion, action and storytelling. Hell of a thing to watch first thing in the morning, let me tell you. Sheesh.


I cried, more precisely, my penis cried, in my pants.
MY PENIS CRIED IN MY PANTS and now I am sticky.

Man... That's kind of a bad thing to watch to start the day.

Wow thats ... amazing but... so brutal...

This is a masterpiece, very powerful and moving, artistic. I am glad to see this level of quality and hope the game will be as strong throughout. Thanks for posting!

The power of music. If the first video had something more techno and extreme, it would not have had any of the emotional impact that it did with the sad piano music. I love how that works.

@ #3, you would call it a movie called "Zombie Strippers". Seriously...netflix it...

omg....i loved it...why does it come out? i loved to kill some kids that's sooooooo lovely...............wtf is wrong with this world and WTF again running zombies?? i think hat sucks.....

That was intense.. Though, to tell you the truth, I have a girl about that age who bit my neck once and I threw her out the window. She landed near a guy on fire. So this trailer hit a little too close to home.
Amazing trailer but I don't think I can play anything this real.

My God... A tear just left my eye. So powerfull and emotional. It's when he reaches down to get the little girl near the end it all built up for me.

Damn that has to be the best trailer of 2011.

#47 - I don't think the child is wounded on the neck; I think it's blood splatter from the dad's neck-chop, or possibly from the splash gouting out of the zombette's severed arm.

I like the original more than the recut
and i kinda have zombiphilia too

CRYING!?! Really??

Bunch of fuck-tards who've never experienced anything more 'real' than a video game.

Grow the fuck up.

P.s. This country could use a good nuclear event.

Wow. That was pretty intense. I can't wait for this to be released.


@42 > > >

As much as Daisy's comments pissed me off on a daily basis, they were the ramblings of a long-time follower of the site.
Its obvious you're trying to chameleon someone else's style; Daisy always misplaced an apostrophe when she said the ->shadow's<- are all wrong.. .

If you're gonna bite someone's style at least get it right, jackass.


@74 yeah, in the vicinity of your house would be nice, at least then we're sure to be rid of at least one douchebag

Dead Island/ The Scientist:

That's the second best zombie scene I've ever seen. But the prize goes to:


The name of the song in the second video is Breathe Me by Sia for those who are asking!

69, you are a beautifully crafted douche nozzle, the kind you don't throw away after one sluffing. I will accept your facepalm, and never share my tender insides online again.

Great, now I'm going to have dreams where I start crying in my sleep, and my boyfriend's gonna be all, "Wake up, you're having a bad dream," and I'll be like, "WHY?! Why does it have to be so hard, living through the zombie apocalypse?" And he'll be all, "boi-oi-oi-oing!"

Talk about a game that fucks with your head! Zombie survival, watching in extreme detail your family murdered.... holy fuck. I hope it comes out on PC.

Good thing the rewind isn't the promo.
That version is soooo sad who'd wanna play THAT game.

I was shocked with the 1st video, amazing editing!

The second one just meh.

It's kinda sad when you have to throw you daughter over the window if she tries to bite you.

@ 83
It'll be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox360 :)

k, graphics aside, crappest advert ever. no gameplay, no story, just an advert that looks like a rip off of DeadRising 2 (cos looking after annoying little kids is so much fun) and left for dead (the zombies are practically identical)
also, he knock the almost nekkid zombies arm off, and she reels back in shock/pain.. cos all zombies are so well known for being aware of stuf like that... not.
crap advert FTL

Yeah its good s***t, and it's a polish game.

@73 Or, jerkoff, they're someone like me who has lost a child and cried because children being hurt rips their heart out and stomps it to little bits. Or they're just caring, feeling human being and not emotionless assholes.

Stormhead... I'll be in town today, at the missing convention, meet me there; I'll be at the point exhibit.

who WAS Geoff?

Just found this.


Looks like they were having a nice holiday until they were butchered.

theres an absolutely amazing dubstep remix to this theme song!!!



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@9 the things from "I am Legend" are more like vampires.. they cant come out of the dark..

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