Catholic Church Approves Confession App

February 8, 2011


Admit it! Admit you've dabbled in witchcraft!

$1.99 to have your sins forgiven, not a bad deal! That's right folks, the Catholic Church has officially approved an iPhone app that guides worshipers through the process of confession. Ah yes, I remember my first confession. I think I lied and said I stole an apple.

Described as "the perfect aid for every penitent", it offers users tips and guidelines to help them with the sacrament.

The app takes users through the sacrament - in which Catholics admit their wrongdoings - and allows them to keep track of their sins.

It also allows them to examine their conscience based on personalised factors such as age, sex and marital status - but it is not intended to replace traditional confession entirely.

Instead, it encourages users to understand their actions and then visit their priest for absolution.

Hey, whatever helps people lead more decent lives I'm all for. *ahem* I'm looking at you, lady who tried to park her grocery cart on my front bumper instead of taking it to the cart return LIKE JESUS WOULD'VE DONE.

*woman, not realizing I'm sitting the car with my ladyfriend, parks her cart on my bumper after loading her groceries*
Ladyfriend: *rolling down window* Excuse me, isn't there a cart return?
Sinner: *startled, turning around* Huh?
Ladyfriend: Doesn't this grocery store have a cart return?
Sinner: They do but I'm choosing to leave it right here AND THERE'S NO LAW AGAINST THAT.
Ladyfriend: *pointing* But the cart return is right there.

Catholic church gives blessing to iPhone app [bbc]

Thanks to David, who managed to pirate the app for free. *facepalm*

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