UGH -- Those Kids Probably Don't Even Know What Daleks Are!! Inflatable, Driveable Daleks

January 28, 2011


These $320 inflatable Daleks (complete with light and sound fx!) from Zappies Ltd are dropping in June and make the perfect gift for the 3-year old Dr. Who fan in your life. Which, fun fact, nobody has. You can sit in it yourself pressing 'GO' until the motor seizes up and catches fire though. Whee, the plastic's melting to my skin!

Hit the jump for a short commercial for the admittedly cool Dalek-carts.

Product Site
Zappies' Epic Ride-able 'Doctor Who' Dalek Toy With SFX!! [youbentmywookie]

Thanks to Jake, who's gonna cram his ass in there and ride down the stairs even if it's the last thing he does. Jesus, it might be!

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