Jan 27 2011State Of The Internets Address Infographic: (SPOILER: Huge w/ A Butt-Ton Of Spam)


Note: This is neither legible nor the whole thing. Click HERE to see the whole thing and +2 your internet knowledge.

As a follow up to last year's State of the Internet, Focus has created another infographic almost exactly a year later (and 365-dollars short) depicting some other useless facts & figures about the size of the interweb. Which, in case you didn't already know, is f***ing huge (also, you're piss-poor at observation). So large, in fact, even crotchety old grandparents venture in from time to time to have their social security money stolen in get-rich-quick email scams. GOD, BUY SOME FOREIGN BONER PILLS AND CALL IT A DAY, GRANDPA!

The State of the Internet [focus]

Thanks to Sandi76 and Marcus, who agree that, even in the web's darkest hour, Geekologie stands like a lighthouse of hope atop the deep, foreboding waters, ushering surfers safely home.

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Real third!

so the average number of emails sent per person is 155 emails a day?

Either I'm the odd one out with 2-3 a day, or spammers are working hard!

I hate USA idea of what a billion is

How much did you get paid to post this piece of crap advertisement for focus.com?

@6 -- well, nothing monetary, but we DO get to run a train on your mom! yow yow, i want firsties!

This kind of information seems about as useful as counting sand, then making charts about how much sand you counted, so everybody knows how much sand there is in this one place. What are we to do with this information?

there is no spam in MiddleEast

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