Jan 21 2011Screwed!: Apple's iPhone Repair Will Replace Your Screws With Harder To Remove Ones


Girl them some funky-ass nips!

Because Apple doesn't want you poking and prodding around inside their (read: your) products, if you send them your iPhone 4 to be repaired it'll now be returned with harder-to-remove screws. WHAT THE CRAPPLE, APPLE?!

This is to make it impossible to open the iPhone and tinker around inside it. Granted, most people have no real reason to ever do this, but a key part of ownership of something is having the ability to do what you want to it. By changing something you own in such a way after you've bought it, Apple is removing your ability to fully use your product.

Pfft, who the hell designs a screw-head that looks like a woman's flowery sphincter anyways!? *ahem* Steve. You krinkier than a butthole fulla iPods.

Apple is replacing screws in iPhones to make them impossible to open [dvice]

Thanks to Phil, who opens his iPhone the old fashioned way: dropping it on the bathroom floor trying to answer a call while pissing.

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last line wins!

I already have this screwdriver made and ready to sell... come on apple make me wealthy!

@3 Ill take one

...i reley dont wan to say this, but i have to now.
this iphone is so shit, and I reley cant understand the reson why pepole buy it anyway?

you cant contrail anything but what it says on the screen!
all you can upgrade is covers? this phone is crap! its not even an phone at all! i mean look at it! in what way is this supposed to be an phone if you can do calls and stuff? all you do is press one butten the entier time! explain to me! the athore coments al totol lies!

pepole think this review is worthles.
go ahead! say it! i dont care! im just trying to make a point here!
blam this piece of crap!!!!

I didn't think apple users knew how to use a screwdriver in the first place... Anyway I don't buy apple stuff, but companies have done this for years so I fail to see whats so wrong with this. Hell I think all the game boys had special screws too.

So who owns the phone you purchase? Is Apple legally permitted to change the screws?


The problem is that the are changing out screws on devices that have already been paid for.

LOVE your description of iPhone's new screws. Unfortunately now I'll probably get a chubby whenever I see the back of someones phone.

Apple are dumb, it probably costs twice the price of a normal screw, and people are just going to buy the screw.. Apple, Microsoft already tried this with the Xbox.

Apple could have at least used their logo instead of the flower. It would have helped disguise their blatant dick move as just branding.

@5 I think you should lay off paint huffing and if you don't know how to use a iPhone than maybe you shouldn't have spent money on useless junk and bought yourself some spelling lessons.... becuase Hooked on Phonics failed for you


can someone translate #5's comment into english plz.

Why are people upset about this? Companies have been doing this for decades. Think of it this way, apple is known to have good customer service, but how many times should they have to correct the mistakes of some dumbass who opens their phone up and screws something up inside? I see it as a security feature to help people overcome their lack of judgement and NOT fuck with their phone. Get over it.

GO EVIL APPLE altho i want apple shaped screws

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

Sadly, there's no app for that.

This is exactly what makes me not even consider an iPhone as a smartphone option. It is this contempt that they have for their consumers.

That being said, it is probably legitimate contempt...

"This is to make it impossible to open the iPhone..."

Heheheheheheh, impossible.

long live THE SECT

tss tss...just give it the shocker and you can open it up or sumpthin...tss tss....

Im sure some company in China is already producing the screwdriver for it to be sold on ebay.

Let's put it this way....

Anyone who is smart enough to fix their broken iPhone will be able to tackle some oddly shaped screws.

don't need a philip's screwdriver to unscrew a philip's screw. just sayin'

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" but a key part of ownership of something is having the ability to do what you want to it"

dont fucking buy apple shit then fucker

" but a key part of ownership of something is having the ability to do what you want to it"

dont fucking buy apple shit then fucker

TROl0lol0lol0lol0lol0lo. Silly Apple, Flower shaped screws are for Kids.

I see that you can still use a flat blade to unscrew the new screw-heads just like the old screw-heads....FAIL


LOL Cellphone technicians won't love that. :)

Meh.... The iPhone sucks and Apple sucks. That new little screw wont keep anyone from opening the damn phone up. This also has nothing to do with anything about ownership and not being able to do whatever you want with it. It's a way for Apple to cut down on the amount of broken phones they have to repair that's sent in by morons who mess the phones up by ripping them apart and what not. There is a reason why Apple voids the warranty when you open up the phone. You're not quantified or licensed to fuck with it period! They changed the screw to protect you and the warranty. Think about it.

It's just another pointless gimmick from Apple to keep morons from screwing up their phones because most people have no real reason to do this. Besides I'm pretty sure that you can buy that screwdriver or one very similar at your local Harbor Freight Hardware store.


P.S the only reson im giving this a damn is beacuase the desicrption was pretty good. but thats it!

Attempt at having gizmodo not breaking their phones apart and leaking it before the iphone5 release?

Well if all you dumb asses didn't mess around and rip apart the iPhone and ruin it then Apple would never changed the screw head pattern to try to keep you uneducated fools from unscrewing it and fucking up. I'm sure it's costing Apple money and they are tired of fixing tons of these phones you dip wads broke.
You people are the reason for this change and shouldn't be bitching out Apple for your fuck up!

@5: Gotta admit the voices where pretty good

And this made me hate Apple's overpriced hardware even more.

"Impossible to open"


I will bet anyone who wants to take it that I can get that screw out without the special screwdriver.

Well there goes my freed0m... :=(


exactly what i was thinking ...


that would have been sweet ... and exactly as you say i wouldnt have taken it as a dick move... just sweet...

Ignore everything I said, I don't really like Apple. I'm Steve Job's gay lover and he posted as me when I was busy cleaning out my bung-hole.

Many companies do these tamper proof screws. They are happy to fix any device sent to them that's been ripped apart, they make a ton of money off of voided repair warranty. The problem becomes later when a normal user whose warranty naturally expired has just a small issue. Now they either have to send it to Apple for am expensive service charge or to a smaller repair person of company who add a small extra charge for special material. Heck I've seen the same $10.00 extra charge in the service fee for repairs of Nintendo products because they had to purchase the special tri-wing screwdriver. Now a $4.00 screwdriver purchased once will create a extra service fee of around $10.00 for every customer they serve. I hate to see simple repairs cost more because of a non-standard head.

Yeah, why should you tinker with the internal parts of an Apple product anyway?

Just like what Patek Philippe used to say:

You never actually own an Apple... You merely rent it from Steve Jobs and their investors.

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Apple clearly wasnt doin this for any reason other then to be douche bags.... they could have just make it apple shape scews and just smiled sayin it was for kicks. Lol... i still haven't owned any apple products in my life, the Apple 2 in kindergarden was the last apple i've ever used.

Here's my theory; they're only doing this in an attempt to make it harder to get the phones serviced elsewhere. Like when my friend cracked his screen. Apple wanted to replace the whole phone for $200 since it's "not cost effective" to replace just the screen according to them. Best Buy wanted him to extend his contract for a new one. This guy I know who fixes iPhones did it for $90. Opened it up, new screen goes in, good as new. There's more to it than screws obviously but that's more or less it. So there's at least $200 Apple never got.
Not that changing the screws will work though, because in a week you'll be able to find the screwdrivers on ebay, and people who fix this shit under the radar will have them.

There's a simple solution to this, the same solution you had for the gamecube. You take one of those cheap pens with a crystal shaft, the kind that splinter apart when you break them. Take out the ink and the nib, and with a lighter, you melt the end. Before the end is melted, you ram it into the head of the screwdriver and let the plastic settle into that shape.

There you go. A five-cent solution to apple's newest problem.

Here ya go.. Direct from china..


This is obviously a ploy to create a new market for screwdrivers! Apple and Mastercraft are in cahoots!

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You can already buy the screw driver or ends to fit this screw. Just an extra deterant for numpties to not open their phone and destroy it.

I see what you did there..

"Apple - Just Putting the Tip in to our Clients since 1976." LOL!!

The new Apple screws. Designed by Don Hertzfeld.

Obviously this makes it super difficult until some jack wagon (see: Geekologie reader) has enough time on their hands to create a mold then a corresponding screwdriver. Way to waste time Apple.

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