Dec 5 2010L337 Speak: Video Game Dictionary Of Idioms


This is a little gallery from the pages of a make-believe dictionary of video game idioms. Two of the ten are Zelda references, so it's instantly okay in my book. What's not okay in my book is wiping boogers between the pages. That's nasty. Grow up and eat them like a normal person.

Hit the jump for the rest of the words of wisdom.










Videogame Phrases and Idioms for Everyday Life [dorkly]

Thanks to Randy K from Guyana, who only speaks in video game idioms and makes zero sense to stoopid noobs.

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Wow and i can actually say these make sense

Geekologie articles are so not a Biggoron's Sword to read.

slappers only baby

Probably many more to be found in the urban dictionary.

You can get the Biggoron Sword almost immediately after becoming adult Link which happens pretty early in the game. The quest to obtain it takes less than 30 minutes to complete and the sword doubles your attack power. To suggest that it's not worth the effort is dumb.

Damn these are actually pretty dope, i hope this dude makes more. I mean the worst one is the "deku tree into the water temple" one. But everything else is pretty legit, i especially like, "dont wake the witch."

I'm a dork but I'd never say any of these, especially in public.

I would so buy this if it were an actual book, make more!!!

my older sister is such a metroid..........basicly im saying she's a whore yep sucks dick to get a-head...........see what i did there sucks dick to get a-HEAD muhehehehehehe

I didn't get the "deku tree into the water temple" and the "strife it up" references.

And I played the shit out of these games.

Good times...

I feel like I'm a metroid to a lot of people

Two of the ten are ff7 references, so it's instantly okay in my book :D

Not to NERRRRR too much, but Fetch Quest totally predates World of Warcraft. These are pretty good though!

where can i get the full one :O!

Turning the Deku Tree into the Water Temple: cause working your way through the Deku Tree is super easy, and the Water Temple is much harder, as well as insanely annoying. That is to say, making a big deal out of something that's not.



Hey GW, my mana's tapped, mind spotting me the next drink?

Loljk, I do my attack phase first and proliferate Everflowing Chalice.


@16 that actually made sense...

Google in the input: = = you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

@10 How can you not get "Strife it up" if you've played the games? -_-; I haven't played a single FF game and I still get it.

This is old. I just can't remember where I read it before. Maybe it's just dejavu...

Also, #20 - you're awesome!


WOW is my love, lol

Oh god, fucking cringe worthy.

Who made these, I want to go to his house and punch his dog with a fucking wrench.

Made some up myself, my brother also invented some:

To Giga-Bowser something
Referencing: Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Definition: To solve a problem in an uncommon way

Fairy in a Bottle
Referencing: The Legend of Zelda
Definition: Hangover-remidy

Referencing: Star Fox 64/Lylat Wars
Definition: Someone who keeps repeating herself over and over
Sentence! "Do a barrel roll! Do a barrel roll!"

Falcon Punch
Referencing: Super Smash Bros
Somebody who works slowly and never forgets to blow her own horn

Referencing: Pokémon
Definition: Somebody whos suffering from hangover
Sentence: Yesterday's a Charizard, Today's a Psyduck

Referencing: Super Mario Bros
Definition: An alternative that everybody chooses over the original
Sentence: "Today's meal is haggis, and for the vegetarians there is pizza"

Referencing: Pokémon
Definition: Very invasive person

Referencing: Pokémon
Definition: Something thats only more expensive than similar products because of it's brand/name

Referencing: Super Mario Bros 2
Definition: Psychological for someone who keeps insulting people by saying things that would hurt himself most
Sentence: "He called me an alcoholic. I only grabbed his argument and threw it back at him and he started to cry."

Referencing: Pokémon
Definition: A Person who has an urge tell uninteresting stories

Thanks, hope you liked mine

"Rare Spawns"

Referencing: MMOs

Definition: An unusually rare or important NPC.

Sentence: "Wow, The Departed has a lot of Rare Spawns."

"Rare Spawns" should be "Named Spawns." FML

"The cake is a lie"

Referencing: Portal

Definition: "something great has been promised from a third party but it ultimately is not so"

Blue Shelled is awesome! I would never use any of the others IRL though.

Most of these are pretty creative, but a few of them are just too long-winded for their own good. This isn't a particularly new idea, either... gaming idioms are already commonplace in most gamers' everyday dialogue. Some don't even realize they say certain things.

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FedEx quest. Not fetch quest. Fetch quest only accounts for one side of the trip. And the only one that didn't make me throw up in my mouth was the blueshelling one. Though that sounds more like sexual fetishism than corporate sabotage.

@30. I am always talking about people who lag, especially at stoplights.

How many of these are on Urban Dictionary?

> 9000

These are wonderful! Thank you for sharing


wow, those aer spot on

I love these! Now if only the English language would evolve so even non-gamer people would use these...

you don't aim the blue shell it just takes out the person in first place.

Anyone who plays Left 4 Dead knows that you don't wake the witch. She is already awake and crying and you disturb her, not wake her.

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