Up For Auction: Dr. Who TARDIS Murphy Bed

December 1, 2010


Did anybody else know there was a bed in that thing? Because I didn't. Of course, you could write a small pamphlet about all the the things I don't know. Sike! They'd all fit on one side of a Post-It. Anyway, some talented craftsman is selling the Tardis pull-out bed he made for his son because he's grown up and doesn't want to sleep in a phone-booth time-machine spaceship anymore. ????? YOU'RE NEVER TOO OLD TO SLEEP IN A PHONE-BOOTH TIME-MACHINE SPACESHIP! Are you, Doctor? Doctor? *poking with a Sonic Screwdriver* Uh-oh.

I am personally endorsed by Sir Richard Taylor of Weta Workshop, for being a multitalented artist including restoration, of just about anything and exquisite one off handmade models. Sir Richard has my models in his collection in the foya of Weta

Impressive. Unfortunately for your kids, bidding is already up to $3,200 New Zealand (~$2,400 US) with eight days bidding remaining. So yeah, looks like it's back to sleeping in the barn for them. Haha, you thought I didn't know?! One time I saw little Jimmy with a piece of straw in his hair and figured it out! Just kidding, he told me he sleeps in the barn.

Doctor Who Tardis bed handmade
[trademe] (with a bunch more pictures and info about the actual construction/features)
Badass Homemade Bed of the Day [thedailywh.at]

Thanks to Sara, who used to sleep in a replica of the BTTF DeLorean time machine. Jealous!

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