Move Over, Platinum And Gold: Dinosaur Teeth And Meteors -- The New Bling Bling

December 8, 2010


I hate myself for even using a term like bling bling, ding-a-ling, but I assure you I'll take it out on my liver here in just a little bit. But before the ritualistic alcohol abuse begins, here's a $60K iPhone case made out of t-rex teeth and meteors. Ironic, don't you think? Making a phone case out of sessiest beasts that ever lived and the very thing that killed them? Well I thought so.

Stuart Hughes is back at it again, tricking out iPhones in ridiculously outrageous jewels. His iPhone 4 "HISTORY Edition" is a customization unlike any other we've ever seen.

The back of the HISTORY Edition iPhone 4 isn't cut from glass -- it's made from the tooth of a Tyrannosaurus Rex and meteoric stone that's dated back some 65 million years ago.

Hughes is only going to make 10 of these hideous iPhones, with each going for about $62,700. The reason for such a design? Hughes wanted to make something "fierce."

Hey Stewart -- mind if I call you Stewie? No? Too bad. Listen Stewie, if you wanted to make something "fierce", an iPhone IS NOT THE PLATFORM TO BEGIN WITH. I don't care if you wrap the thing in knives and razor wire, IT WILL NEVER BE FIERCE, only painful to answer.

Your iPhone 4 made of glass? Nice, mine is made from a T-Rex's tooth [dvice]

Thanks to Kevin G, blueAlien, tkuper05, Mih0 and frankie, who all have phone cases made with real space technology stripped from alien spaceships that crash-landed here on earth. GTFO!

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