Live-Action Version Of TMNT Cartoon Opener

December 13, 2010


Remember that animation of Leonardo and Raphael making out? Shit was hot. But apparently it was a little too spicy for some of you, so here's another TMNT post in case anthropomorphic homoeroticism isn't your thing (personally, I think you're crazy). Basically a group of youths recreated the opening to the original Ninja Turtle cartoon scene-for-scene as part of a high school talent show. This is the result. While terribly low-budget, they actually did do a good job. Not with April O'Neil though, because I'm pretty sure that was a dude. Which leads me to believe these poor bastards don't even know a single girl willing to appear on camera for two seconds.

Hit the jump for 1:00 of fond memories.

Live-Action TMNT Intro [thehighdefinite]

Thanks to kevin, who was going to create a live-action version of Street Sharks until he realized just how much it blew until they teamed up with the dinosaurs.

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