Dec 15 2010How To: Evoke Nerd Rage


Get it? Because it's the guy from Firefly with a Star Trek quote mis-attributed to a Star Wars character! Some fanboy just blew out the back of his Buck Rodgers boxers in a fit of nerd-rage and now has to call his mom to bring him freshies. You should know by now to always bring a spare pair! Remember what happened in the break room at work the time you heard the pretty girl talking about playing Starcraft? Exactly, you popped a boner and accidentally slammed it in the microwave door trying to heat a Lean Cuisine. "Yeah, but I didn't need new boxers for that!" Then when she asked if you were okay and you shat yourself like an elephant in the wild. Life lessons, young padawan.

How To Piss Off Nerds [buzzfeed]

Thanks to The Superficial Writer, who once tore his shirt off to reveal Batman PJ's because his computer crashed and then started hopping across the walls of our cubicles just like a real superhero would.

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I said that.

Do u like Alvin and the CHIPMUNKS?! go to you will love the songs and they do requests!!!

I thought that quote was from Battlestar Galactica?

you mean a Star WAR character mis-quoting a Star TREK line?

GW is noob

nvm i take that back. GW IS HANDSOME AS F*CK!

@5 g-dub did get it right. its a star trex quote mis-ATTRIBUTED to a star GWARS carachter. youre a dumsy!

"needs more gay sex"

- captain jean luc riker

You clearly just lurk 4chan and post what you see. COnsidering i saw this minutes before it was posted.

Nice! Put that on a t-shirt!

I'm. Highly. Offended.

@9 You clearly just lurk geekologie and whine about what you see. Considering I saw you post minutes after you had posted.


Ha ha...

fak'n nerds

It's also grammatically incorrect. You don't use commas before the word "and" unless it's a list of three or more items.

I read the title before I looked and I'm still angry.

You'd have to be a fcuking retard to care.

I thought it was LEAF LONG and prosper.....

This offends me greatly. Solo is nothing compared to Capt. Mal Reynolds and Spock. This is an outrage. Dislike. >.<

I'll leave you lovely fokes with this:

Considering I would love for Nathan Fillion to play a prequel Han Solo (directed by Steven Spielberg, or anyone not named Lucas) , it's almost awesome for me.

Only wrong on one level, the Star Trek part, because we all know Captain Mal is Han Solo.

another one.

BLASPHEMY! It's goramn pi-gu sacrilegious to the power of 3!

Oh I'm fucking ragin' now...

Firefly blows both Star Wars AND Star Trek out of the friggin water.

@Ariella. Thank you. The grammar Nazi in me was just screaming when I saw that.

I am a leaf on wind, see how I soar.

- James T Kirk -

its photo shopped, look at the shadows

No, cause in Star Trek canon, it's actually grammatically that way, and, you are a douche, and, and, and, comma,.

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