Dec 15 2010Get Inside Me!: 8-Bit Nintendo Skittle Art


This is Link in 8-bit Skittle form by deviantARTist Matt McManis. As you can see, he looks pretty delicious despite the lack of red Skittles, which I think we can all agree are the best ones unless you have absolutely zero taste or decency. I assume the sword hilt is made with Skittles Matt let his dog lick the shellac off, although they could be those super-sour ones that f*** your whole mouth up with that diamond-dust they coat them with. No lie, one time I ate a whole pack of those at once and afterward it felt like I'd chewed razor blades. Last time I buy candy that's been stapled closed!

Hit the jump for Mario.


Matt's DeviantART
Skittles Mario and Link Taste Like 8-bit Rainbows [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Princess Yum-Yum of the Delicious Kingdom, who knows everything there is to know about red Skittles. God I love that about you.

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That looks so yummy! GIMME NOW!


Haha...I've actually been doing the same thing lately, except that I've been painting used beer caps for each 'pixel'.

Damn! They should have done Pac-Man! That's the first thing I thought of.

GW you use the word "art" too liberally, it's just paint by numbers with Skittles. And if your impressed by this I have a neat lookin' turd you can look at, come over any time, just need a few minutes notice.

There are red skittles on Link, look at the feet.

Either those aren't only the "original" flavor skittles, or some of the purple ones have been sucked on... No thanks.

Can't wait til the next deviantart guy does it with M&m's and claims to be "breaking new ground" in the 8-bit paint by numbers with candy genre.

My mistake, the GW already pointed that out.

would be cool.... if he didn't screw up the mario sprite so bad. the feet are too big, and the nose is messed up. there are various other things I could point out, but I already look like enough of a douche.

Yep. Those "gray" ones are actually sour-coated blue skittles. Like GW said, those are some of the nastiest and most painful candy you can eat.

I remember when I was a kid, I put a full handful of about a dozen or so lemon Warheads into my mouth at one time. The pain experienced that day is nothing compared to downing a bag of those vile Skittle spawn.

dude i like sour skittles but the blue ones are a different story i make art with chewed gum *by me* and i think this is retarted

so... first i read about how Han and Chewbacca die... but now i read this and all i can say is:


*puts down knife... stops repeating "down the street, not across the road"*

@14 saved by the hero of time once again. It's like he's never off duty.

you taught me ever-thang I know bout red skittles, GW *swoon*

i need to find this bag of rainbows and make final fantasy magic!

American skittles confuse me.

Louis of

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