Dec 23 2010First Person Shooter In Real Life (FPSIRL)


This is a video from Freddie Wong (the same man behind the fake watermelon shot off the head video) showing what a real first person shooter would look like. Granted it probably could have used some more teabagging, but I'm not complaining. Yes, yes I am. It could have used more teabagging. True story: one time I threw a party and pretended to pass out with my shoes on and just laid there waiting for somebody to start drawing a penis on my face. Nobody did, but my buddy, who I'll call "Dave" (but whose real name is David Jason Barnes of Rockville, Maryland, telephone # (301) 555-8492) eventually tried to teabag me. Little did he know, oh boy, little did he know. I tore his balls off like a rabid dog and then spit them out in the fishtank. We haven't spoken since, but in my mind he sounds like a little lady.

Hit the jump for a very worthwhile 2:00 of pews.


Thanks to Trevor, who recently first-person shot someone in real life before realizing he wasn't playing video games anymore ($200 and I'll dispose of the body).

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Reader Comments

Pew.. Pew?

Oh Freddie...How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.


Nicely done.

Pretty frickin' awesome.

That's awesome! But in the future, I don't want my avatar to be some nerd...

Old news, comon geekologie!!!

My nipples just got hard!

points havent popped up from a dead guy in a 1st person shooter in like 10 years. fail.

@9: points popped up from your mom last night!!

@ 9

Points pop up in the most popular FPS series, Call of Duty.

and the graphics still look bad

So did anyone call the number in the description?

It is a 555 number... code for, you guessed it... FAKE!!! Ever wonder why all phone numbers in movies are 555 numbers?

Awesome vid, wish paintball and airsoft had a real working hud like that... and muzzle flashes...

oooh, I live in Rockville. "Great story bro," yeah, I know. "You should tell it again." Well, if you really want me to...

Holy crap. Worst respawn ever. That junk was so broken.

haha GW is so cache. I'm totally stocking that dude!

also, I enjoyed that vid

Wooooooooooooooow another real life fps video such and original idea /rolls eyes

lol at: golden eye 64 hurt sound.

this could be bad news for the kids that see this.

"if i stab a guy, i'll get points and he'll respawn. it's okay. i could even shoot him too."


hahahah! T Bag at 1.47 !!!

major lack of lasers. Firmly believe.

Louis of

@9 you suck your moms hairy dick

@9 you suck your moms hairy dick

What happens if you get lag out there? I mean, I heard there aren't any respawn points IRL

Nice! Dream come true. All games should be like this damn it. A game like this might just stop my urge to go off on a killing spree and wipe out every damn ignorant douche rocket (aka pussy ass terrorists and fat stupid morons) that I come across lol.

@14 I think in "Scott Pilgrim" the number Ramona gave to Scott was not a 555. Or maybe I'm just imagining things.

@21 stfu and gtfo you noob loser hate child of nobody what a vial comment to even cross your non useful brain

That was f***ing awesome!!!1!

I'm fr rockville also, actually! UMD ftw?

There's like one joke the whole time. It's just some dumb faggot showing off his not that impressive camera works. It's a terrible shame that anyone cares about this.

This is delicious!

Google in the input: ( )you can find many brand names, even more surprising is that he will sell you the unexpected o(∩_∩)o

LOL it's accurate. Right down to the spawning right behind people.

@32 STFbastardU and GTFO you jealous inbreded

LOL@ most popular FPS of all time = cod / yeah for what 12 minutes then they took it and traded it in for something else because it sucked .

Cool vid .

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