Dec 16 2010Explore Human Anatomy With Google Body


Eat a cheeseburger!

More like Google Booty, amirite?! Get it? Because everybody always goes straight for the butt! No? Just me? Liars.

The Body Browser is a 3D model of the human anatomy that includes various layers, such as the circulatory and nervous systems and the skeleton and muscles. You can go in nice and close or view the whole shebang from afar.

Wow, did I really just spend twenty minutes exploring human genitalia? You bet your sweet ass I did! My own. Does that make me a pervert, or reproductive health professional? Wiener doc? I'll take it!

Hit the jump for a video tour.

Google Body Browser
Google Body lets you explore the human anatomy [dvice]

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Reader Comments


jeez man, what's next for Google... Google Moon? Google Mars? GOOGLE SOME SORT OF VIEW FROM THE STREET?

oh wait

Wait, I still busy studying anatomy with my XBox Kinect. From 2 posts ago.


So surgeons will start carrying their iPhones into the OR, huh?

cool, I'm gonna go see what a vagina looks like from the inside! do NOT want to see what a vagina looks like on the inside. yuck.

@6 you already have. Unless you were born cesarean.

I had my eyes closed at the time. I had no fucking idea what was going on.

For some nerds, this will be the closest they get to the inside of a vagina.

This helped me find my puddin's clitoris, I thought she lost it in her purse. Turns out it was in her naughty purse.

can i see the poop in her butt?

Goes straight for genitals..

Louis of

Not realistic in the least. Unless I'm missing something, clothes can't be removed!

ok @16 if you dont stop posting that nasty ad crap we the rest of the ppl that support will find you and when we do you wont have fun hiding from us.......just sayin

the best part is the foot

The butthole looks like a volcano. An angry, pulsating volcano. With hemroids. (Sulfur sure smells like shit!)

i WAS going to say something about the sexy uncanny valley but then i saw she is clothed. boo!

this the online strategy guide for the xbox kinect titty toucher game from yesterday.

umm? only can use it with google chrome? or just not firefox? i will not b swayed from my internet browser choice by this anatomy viewer! plz make firefox compatible! save us GW!

Get the beta for the newest Firefox, it should work with that.

What's next?? GOOGLE SEWERS!

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Really nice post. I had never heard of Google body browser before. Google is leaving behind nothing. They are trying just everything. Bu the way it would be valuable for medical students like me.
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@26: not visiting unless your website uses naked women to conduct human anatomy lessons

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