DO NOT LIKE: Terminator-800 LEGO Bust

December 17, 2010


Terminators are some of the scariest kind of robots. They shape shift, can look like humans, and are hard as hell to kill. That's way no bueno. Plus there's a bunch of them. Can you imagine if the future had regularly sent back more than one? We'd be long gone! You'd be beating one in the face with a shovel when another one sneaks up from behind and HELLO! -- you're getting violated. Thanks but no thanks, T, that's for my lover and family physician only! Anyway, this is a LEGO Terminator bust (different from this one) designed and built by Martin Latta. From a LEGO-building standpoint, it's amazing. From an oh God please don't kill me standpoint I just soiled myself and punched through my computer monitor. Thank goodness I've memorized how to use my computer without looking! Open > iTunes > Play 'Jurassic Park soundtrack'. "dinosaur erotica". Wait -- am I back in the right window?

Hit the jump for several more shots, including some with his eyes lit up. Yipes!





Martin's Flickr Gallery (with a bunch of other impressive LEGO sculptures)
"Underneath, it's a hyperalloy combat chassis." [brothersbrick]
Lego Terminator bust [make]

Thanks to Carsten and maple, who agree the only good Terminator bust is an actual busted one. SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER ! And to cocoa, who'll be on my back with a laser blaster when the apocalypse does down.

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