Nov 28 2010Ticklin' The Ol' Ivories Goin' To Pound-Town On The Pipes: Homemade PVC Pipe Organ


If you haven't seen this video already, it consists of a guy named Snubby J (not to be confused with Stumpy P) playing his homemade PVC pipe organ thingy (similar to the ones the Blue Man Group uses) for a college talent show. I can only assume floor-sitter Scowly McAngryface's talent is looking pissed all the time. Me? I used to take bong hits through my nose.

Songs are...

-Office Theme Song (0:18)
-Linus and Lucy (0:38)
-Turkish March (1:13)
-Mario Brothers Theme (1:27)
-In the Hall of the Mountain King (1:54)
-Bad Romance (2:07)
-Viva La Vida (2:50)
-Like a Virgin (3:03)
-Crazy Train (3:23)
-Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (4:01)
-James Bond Theme (4:15)
-Pirates of the Caribbean Theme (4:35)
-The Final Countdown (featuring my friend, Quin) (4:56)

Good job Snubby, high-five. Haha -- too slow! CONSIDER YOURSELF EXTRA SNUBBED! And speaking of extra snubbing, I ran into a Hollywood starlet last night and the chick wouldn't even sign my hat. You wanna know what I did? Left without saying bye and got drunk somewhere else. Somebody's gonna be haunted for life!

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to Wyatt, Matt and Pepe La PEWPEW, who're no strangers to banging their pipes with a spatula.

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Reader Comments

I sell boats, anyone interested?


@1, 2 shove your boats up your

I can do this, with several pantless people bending over in front of me. oh, and I strike the holes with my penis!

Heh, that's pretty cool

i bet he found those paddles in his moms ass.

I am so going to make that. Freaking awesome man.

Why isn't this guy in the Blue Man Group right now?

Incredible ingenuity and creativity! He's good at playing it too!

This guy is cool. Nuff said.

that was actually pretty badass.

That was great. It made me wanna buy a boat.

@ 7 Because The Blue Man group did it about 5 years ago and it is now played out and not original any longer.
Next time he plans to play brooms and trash can lids!

That's my school!

Son. I am impress.

Heh, he plays with pipes........................AKWARD!

Upon watching this video I realize that it justifies the entire existence of the Internet.

That thing would make one HELL OF A BONG!!

This is awesome and all, but fuck man somebody get this kid a metronome. His timing is terrible.

Trust Mario to get the cheer! :D

Epic choice of songs on the most part, good well known ones like mario, turkish march (although I didn't know it was called that), and the hall of the mountain king, final countdown etc.

Though what was in his head with bad romance...

f-ing nerds

i;ve seen the blue man group live and this is just about exactly the same. they also played crazy train. i wouldn't be surprised if he was employed with them and brought the instrument to class as a show-n-tell

@1, what class? I literally am interested.

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hmmmm he plays with so glad he dont play with swords that would be so........AKWARDDDDDD

no joke biggest smile I've had on my face all day.
thank you GW for this awesome post, I would have never found it on my own.

You are all praising unoriginality.
(not to mention the copyright violations)

Amazing performance aside from the moronic bitches screaming in my ear.

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This was on the daily what 5 days ago!

Get with it, gw

frankly this sounds like shit.

He plays pretty good, but his paddles are too hard, there's WAY too much noise of the paddle slapping the pipe overshadowing the tonal resonance. He needs to cushion those things with a layer of neoprene or something. Blue Man Group does NOT sound like this.

The fact that he hasn't figured that out tells me he's inferior to me in every way.

@39 or you're just jealous. Gtfo little bitch

this was totally on that other website about 3 seconds ago... way to be light years behind GW.

the office theme song was quite the best

woah its 3am and I almost cheered outloud

Mario Bro's YeeeAY *CHEERS!* Cos Didn't get what was happening before then X)

Pretty cool, kids!

GW - you guys need some spam filters or something.

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What a fucking loser

@52 whatever u recon pal

It's neat and all, but I can barely watch it because of this kid's shit-eating grin the whole time. He is WAY too pleased with himself at every moment. I kind of want to hit him in the face with his paddles.

Dear Stupid Bitch who keeps screaming: STFU

Ok, any experienced hackers here wanna bring down some spammed websites? Please?

I want one of those, but I'd use propane blasts to make the sounds. Nothing like a giant multibarrel potato gun for musical potential.

I love playing game/movie themes on piano, which has an identical layout to most percussive melodic instruments (xylophone, vibraphone, etc.). Most people who can play one typically have an easy time getting a feel for the other, so I wouldn't be surprised if this guy can kick ass at piano as well.

I have a few videos on Youtube where I'm playing various game themes on piano. I was known for it all throughout high school and college. Such a fun instrument to play.

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Also, @53: It's called putting on a stage performance. This was for a talent show competition, after all. The guy isn't proud of himself. He's building up the crowd's enthusiasm and putting on a good show.

People don't have to be straight-faced and unemotional when performing. Quite the opposite, in fact. Lacking personality while in front of an audience usually brings down the quality of the performance more often than not. This is why rock stars get all eccentric and wild on stage to rile up the crowd. People love a musician who has the charisma to match the talent.

@Beatnik : I feel the same way.

his expression and attitude while playing make me want to kill him. I respect and appreciate the time it must have taken to make the instrument though. And while I may sound jealous.... I aint even mad bro

Super Mario hiiiii
super tone

I agree with everyone who's criticised him (except on the grin, that's a good grin), he's not perfect. However, he did tune those pretty well, and the design doesn't look easy.

...and he got dead last after a rather promiscuous female student did the same medley using only one of the paddles and her


pretty damn sweet.

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this guy was really famous at the high school i went to

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@6:05. If she's up next, the only thing that would top the pipe performance is her taking her shirt and bra off.


The man knows to pay homage to the bros.

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