Facebook Troll Gets 18 Weeks In Slammer

November 2, 2010


An unemployed British troll who primarily attacked on Facebook has been sentenced to jail time for his harassment. No word on how trolls are treated in the clink, but I'm hoping poorly. And not just because I hate trolls, but you know the biggest goat from Three Billy Goats Gruff -- the one that tosses that little green freak off the bridge? That was me.

...36-year-old Colm Coss has been jailed for 18 weeks after trolling Facebook memorial sites and posting "abusive messages." He was charged after sending letters to neighbors containing his address, photos of himself and bragging about being a troll.

Coss, who lives in Manchester, apparently liked to create fake Facebook accounts and mess with people on tribute sites for the late British reality star Jade Goody and John Paul Massey, a kid who had been mauled to death by a dog. Mess how? Well, apparently Coss liked to tell his new Facebook friends that he'd had sex with Goody and Massey's corpses.

Which is, don't get me wrong, totally gross and weird, but... did the Brits really make it illegal? Ha, duh, it's the U.K., of course they did. The Communications Act of 2003 outlaws "sending malicious communications that [are] grossly offensive."

WOW. It takes a real sicko to pull something like that. Also, apparently a lot of time, which explains why guy couldn't have a job. Did I say couldn't? I meant he got fired from being a forest ranger for having sex with trees. "I Colm Coss the bark makes my wienie feel good." BOOM -- CONSIDER YOURSELF TROLLED, AMATEUR!

Man Thrown in Jail for Trolling Facebook Pages [gawker]
Picture (Illustration of Three Billy Goats Gruff)

Thanks to mikoboy, who doesn't troll as much as he gnomes. I don't even know what that means but you better not do it on Geekologie.

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