Oct 8 2010Pole Dancing Ninja Performs With A Sword


This is a sessy video of a pole dancing ninja that, for at least part of her routine, performs with her sword out. An actual sword FYI, that wasn't a euphemism for a man-hammer. Or was it? It wasn't so just go watch the video. Pole dancing ninjas: they're not as uncommon as you'd expect. Just sayin', strippers have stolen my wallet more times than I'd like to admit. FINE, ELEVEN TIMES, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?! I need one of those wallet chains but I don't want people to think I'm a Juggalo.

Hit the jump for the *slash* OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME THAT PART OF THE ACT.

Hot Chick Is A Pole-Dancing Ninja [break]

Thanks to Gary, who's convinced this is authentic ninja footage shot in Japan. Uh, Gary -- WHAT THE F*** ARE YOU ON?!

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Hilarious! They do usually have one!

FOURTH. shes hawt. face lacks something to be desired though.

Oh... my... God... I'm in love.


I want to be the pole....


All this time my mom has been telling me ninjas dont exist. I just havent been looking in the strip clubs. ? what is happening inside my pants.


she does the pole pretty good, and not bad on the swordwork either, but I was EXPECTING both at the same time, not one after the other.

so as a result of my unrealistic expectations not being met, I am disappointed and therefore judge her to be a failure.

damn it feels good to sit here criticize...damn good.

Ninja + Pole Dancing + Hot Girl = Sensation overload.


Epic !


Somebody please edit that video and replace the sword with a lightsaber !!!!!!!

I just came.

Videos like this are why god created the internet.

She's fit as a fiddle, with bare skillz of the sword.

I love this woman.

A. I totally agree with Trizo but only if they include the sound effects

B. you best tip her.. lol I don't want to know what she would do with that thing if you didn't!

I bet she fucks like a tiger.

yes ninja strippers!!!!!!!!!!!

i want her to sit on my face...now!

I am disappointed and therefore judge her to be a failure.http://www.typier.com

I'm not Jewish or 13, but I would go completely APE-SHIT if this woman showed up to my Bat Mitzvah.

Add lightsaber effects, then it would get interesting. . .

yeah my girlfriend's pretty good.

hottest woman EVER, PERIOD.

fuck yeah

do i smell a movie?

I... I'm not sure whether to be aroused or intimidated here.

She is officially my idol!!! I must recruit for Zombie Apocalypse....

I dont know
she kinda looks like a guy when she is doing the sword movements,
too skinny,
and, she kinda looks scary, like, "IM GONNA RIP YOUR D1CK OFF WITH MY TEETH" scary, I guess if she looked like a real hooker, like really big boobs and big lips and naked i would have been satisfied,
FAIL for me,
PLEASE someone ADD the light saber and the sound effects, I Beg you!

That was fantastic. Pole dancing is really hard and this woman makes it look easy, there are countless hours of training behind that routine. But as much as I hate to admit it, like McFreely I too expected a little swordwork and pole dancing at the same time, BUT I would never tag it as a failure because of it. The routine was still great. And yea, she's hot, great body, but that goes without saying.

So they found Electra then.

THANKS YOU! THANK YOU! You will be rewarded in heaven GW!

this is great the ninja is sexy i love it : )

Idk what rules of physics she just broke at 1:35. But I'm fairly certain there were a lot.

Who are you, crazy ninja woman of my dreams!?

>( Boo!

The swordsmanship was mediocre and definitely not proficient on any technical level... that said, with some hollywood style flash-cuts it would look like she was amazing. The pole work was impressive... but not sexy. Not even a little. But I would lie to her and tell her it was sexy and that she was amazing with that sword if it meant getting her in the sack. Which is what I suspect the producer of this video did.

I was all like "So hawt!" until she made that stupid "Come here!" hand gesture. Instant weenie shrinker.

This was awesome, but not in a sexual way. The strength she shows on the pole work is incredible - and she doesn't have beefy muscle. Props to this chick for hours of training and interpretive dance...

Would have been better with some clear plastic platform shoes...

you may have found a stripper ninja but you will never find me

"she does the pole pretty good, and not bad on the swordwork either, but I was EXPECTING both at the same time, not one after the other."

To be honest, me too - but i would'nt dare to qualify this as a failure.

Ninjas are usually masked, don't they ? The girl's face does not have to be attractive then...

Nice showcase anyway...

im horny but scared at the same time.............but on the other hand at least we know what the woman ninjas do on there free time!

am i the only that noticed she isn't actually hot? half naked, stripper dancing on a pole, yes, holding a sword, yes.

hot? not really.

She has never had a martial arts lesson in her life. sword play FAIL.

with that sword, she must work in some dam rough ghetto strip club

with that face, she must work in some damn rough ghetto strip club.

there, fixed that for you.

She should have pulled a Haomaru and caught the sword in the sheath on her back. That would have made my day.

@24--Since your name is Johnny, I assume that you are male. The word you are looking for is bar mitzvah, not bat mitzvah. Yes...if only she were at my bar miztvah...would have been a nice change from the women in long sleeves and skirts.

hot and lethal. fatal combination.

Xena? is that u?

I'm disappointed. It was only sexy until the sword work where it then went to "cool". I don't go to strip clubs to lose boners damnit!!

Her name is Becca Butcher, and she's the manager of a pole dancing school. In Utah, of all places. Her page says her husband is a martial arts instructor, and that she herself is a blackbelt. She's won a bunch of awards, and you can find a ton of her competitions, auditions, and performances on youtube.

Jesus Christ that girl's strong! I kinda admire her. Minus the pole.

It's like the prince of Persia with a vagina and pair of boobs

I'd like to assassinate her. If you know what I mean.

best post EVER


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lol why are some of you actually judging her skills pessimistically. If sexy pole dancing ninja action isn't good enough for you (even if it wasn't perfect) you are never going to get laid. I'd hit that o_ob

I could do that too if I wanted to...I just don't want to.


@ 45. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2207/2057182713_134fb92596.jpg

This is lame. Do it in one take, and prove the sword actually has an edge on it, cut one of those sheets or something.

I'd 69 her.

I probably give her 2 dollars instead of 1 for that strip routine.....needs more boobs


You're about the biggest dumb ass, waste of cyberspace I've ever seen. People like you crawl under my skin and make me foam at the fucking mouth.

Please never post another link to one of your ruinous youtube video landfills ever again... ok.

I just found my ex-boyfriend's next wife.

Ohhh ohhh

That.... was amazing.

Its not her fault that someone didnt tag this video right, someone said something she didnt do in the first place. At the end, she actually did a little of, by the way.

I am taking some classes, (bf, need I say more?) and what she did... wow. Anyone that knows anything about that knows that only crazy strong ppl or little Chinese Asian dudes (see oceans 13, i think) could pull that off- and shes not even breathing too hard...

so ya, that... was amazing


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@75: Thanks but I prefer cheer.

Butterface? Are you kidding? She completely looks like The Bride but with dark hair and skin.

I'm amazed.

And for all of you folks that want sharper swords and better martial arts skills....

Please post a video of your fatass trying to lift your body wieght vertically and upsidedown. Also if you could do one of those cool flip kick things without cutting off your locks... good luck. :)


I smell a porno in her future.............

I love it! JUGGALO!

Crazy girls like that enjoy it in the ass.

@82. Don't we all?



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I am soooo jealous I want to be her so bad! I'd go lesbian on her, I think she's totally hot and if I could do all that my husband would NEVER leave the house.

This chick is pretty bad ass...but I could take her :P

Whats the name of the song she used for the vid?

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