Haha!: Fake Halo Reach Kinect Commercial

October 8, 2010


This is a fake commercial for Halo Reach using the XBox's Kinect motion controls. And speaking of XBox's motion controls: I got the chance to demo the technology and it wouldn't stop mistaking my wiener for a leg. True story. Half-true story. Okay, you got me: what's Kinect?

Halo Reach for Kinect allows you to control a muscular, armored, seven foot tall Spartan with your frail, puny body. All of the fun of Halo, without the controller.

I really don't want to ruin anything for you, so go ahead and hit the jump for the 1:00 commercial. Then, we'll all regroup and discuss how the sexist stereotype that women are bad at video games is dated and shouldn't be perpetuated. Oooooor how cool it would be to get teabagged by a girl in real life.

Hit it for the hahas.


Thanks to Tara, who is a female AND good at video games. Haha, Bejeweled doesn't count. (Yes it does too, it's all I play!)

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