Oct 22 2010Crocodile On A Plane Causes Crash, Kills 20


In other sad transportation-related news (I swear this is the last one), an escaped crocodile on a plane caused a panic, ultimately resulting in the plane crashing and the deaths of 20 on board. One person survived. Unfortunately, it wasn't the jackass who smuggled the croc on in the first place, so we can't beat them to near-death with sticks, let them recover, and then do it again (and again). I know, I'm as upset about it as you are.

One of the passengers had hidden the animal, which he planned to sell, in a big sports bag, from which the reptile escaped as the plane began its descent into Bandundu [Democratic Republic of Congo].

"The terrified air hostess hurried towards the cockpit, followed by the passengers."

The plane was then sent off-balance "despite the desperate efforts of the pilot", said the report.

The plane smashed into an empty house just a few hundred metres from its destination.

"The crocodile survived the crash before being cut up with a machete."

Okay so I'm officially never flying again. Or driving. Shoot, I might not even walk anymore. And I'm not just saying that because I'm fat and lazy, I'm saying that because I'm fat and lazy and don't want to die. "But GW -- what about weight-related illness?" Pfft -- TALK TO THE DONUT CAUSE THE GW AIN'T LISTENIN'!

Crocodile on plane kills 19 passengers [news.au]
Escaped crocodile sparked panic which brought down passenger plane killing British pilot and 19 others [dailymail]

Thanks to The Great Jordini, who once pulled a plane full of rabbits out of a giant hat.

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lets count how many snakes on a plane jokes there will be!

Crocodile 1
Plane 0

wow first!

Poor croc, first getting stuffed in a sports bag than being cut up with a machette

How did they let THAT happen ...

mother fuckin' croc's on the mother fuckin' plane



Pick The Next GW Headline:

* Little girl dies while opening birthday presents.
* Bus of children drives off cliff on way to summer camp.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.


* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.
* Orphan adopted as a prank.

I saw this on extreme rollercoasters on the travel channel last week™

the croc survived the crash only later to be killed.... justice served

Thus proving that humans in fear are far more idiotic than any creature on earth.

Where's Crocodile Dundee when the world needs him?

I'm with u naas, that croc is lucky he didn't suffer a worse fate. And for those of u who think the croc was just an innocent bystander in all this you've been deceived. It was a jihad croc and was probably screaming ala Akbar as the plane went down.

@5 Perhaps it's because they were in Bandundu

how will the croc suffer the pain of killing so many people if they just kill it..put it in prison with lifetime sentence..come on people.

@14 Don't believe what you see in the media, it's a trap!

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That's no croc, it's a space station.

Once again life imitates art. Too bad Samuel L. Jackson wasn't there to save the day.

"Hey a plane crash! Let's stand on it!"

-unwashed Congo resident-


coincidence? probably =/

14, 17 & 19 - best comments ever.

I AM SO TIRED... of...

Louis of http://aprettyage.blogspot.com/

Why the hell did they kill the croc?! Not his fault that humans are pathetic creatures.

@ 22... lol

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And I can't even make it past security with a water bottle???!!!!


they should totally make a movie

sad about the crocodile. Most survivors of horrific accidents that weren't directly their fault aren't hacked up by a machete.


Croc: Must....need....aairrr.... there we go, finally!
passengers: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
passengers: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!



sorry, too obvious, i know, but i had to do it.

Al-Queda must have used up their bomb budget for this fiscal year.


"You remember that movie 'Snakes on a Plane'? I have a better idea..."
(Third Snakes on a Plane joke, btw.)

First there was the Failboat. Now we have the Failplane.

This WOULD make a good movie.

i'm sure the blackbox made a good coffee table for one of these folks


I tide fashion

Good-looking, not expensive

Free transport


...More like crocpit.

@everyone saying this would be a good movie
right, it would be three minutes long and all that would happen is a people would run around like idiots then die

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