Oct 26 2010Bright-Ass Yellow Is So In Right Now: Spanish Prosties Ordered To Wear Safety Vests


Spanish prosties hooking on the highway outside of Els Alamus have been ordered to wear reflective safety vests or face up to 40 euro (~$55) fines. But nobody looks sessy in reflective yellow!

Police claim the sex workers on the LL-11 road are not being specifically targeted because of what they do but because they posed a danger to drivers.

The prostitutes are in breach of 2004 law which states pedestrians on major highways and hard shoulders must wear the high visibility garments.

An estimated 300,000 women work as prostitutes in Spain where prostitution is not illegal but profiting from the sale of sex by another is.

Women wearing very little clothing and standing on roadsides outside towns and cities are a common sight across Spain. A recent survey found one in four Spanish men admitted to having paid for sex.

I'm not really into women in bright yellow, but men in bright orange? *shivers* So hot right now. Just kidding. Well, half-kidding. Also, making all the prosies dress in reflective vests isn't actually gonna do any good. Because, guess what: I've been hitting them all on purpose. Hooker? I hit and ran her!

Spanish prostitutes ordered to wear reflective vests for their own safety [telegraph]

Thanks to Shenanigans and Blaqk Panda, who have never been with ladies of the night. Men of the morning either -- allegedly.

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Reader Comments

they should write their prices on the back too


dammit - now I can't lie to my wife when I tell her I didn't know she was a prostitute when asking for directions

Wow! What a great idea!

it's like going back to the 80s

its like a sign that says "park here"

What? the jackets are not sponsored?
durex is missing out

GW...I miss a couple of years ago when I first found your website, and all of the articles I read on the site were the first I had heard about them. Now, it seems every other post has been reviewed by Tosh.0, or StumbleUpon, Literally hours before you've posted it.

@1 and STD reports

Spain sounds like fun!

Dear short prostitute who should be the one wearing heals,

Cyndi Lauper called.
She wants her pink leggings back.

Don't be that generation that renames hookers prosties.

I would hit that shit, all three of them, rawdog style!

FAAKEEEE... I'm glad to read about Spain (my country) here but... BAZINGA!

what wrong??

What to Say??? I Love Spain

The one in the middle has no sense of fashion

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So wait -- in Spain, you can be a ho, but you can't be a pimp?

"Come to Spain! Be your own bottom bitch! Do you know what I am saying?"

I prefer to bareback the ladies of the evening that I make sweet, sweet love to. This is both a good and bad thing. While it does cure them of any STD they may have contracted over the years, unfortunately it completely strips them of any desire to have any type of sexual encounter with anyone but me.

@21: You need to end every post you make with:

"Stay thirsty, my friends."

Duly noted.

Stay thirsty, my friends.

That middle one isn't even trying, does she not wanna get fucked for money or something?! Pfft!

@18 Who cares, her job involves taking it off. What matter is how quickly she can remove it and what she looks like underneath. Hell, sometimes not even that, as long as she has a vag. No weiners please!

great, my bf gave me sumthin similar yesterday and he was cracking up, now i get it
btw i'm spanish

then pleeeeaaaaase go find your cutting edge news on another site. after all "it seems every other post has been reviewed by Tosh.0, or StumbleUpon, Literally hours before [GW's] posting." LITERALLY!

"Hooker? I hit and ran her!"

woooord wizarrrd!

@20, I know what you are saying...


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