Sep 20 2010What If: Superheroes Were Hipsters? (Supervillians Would Rule The World)


Note: A whole bunch more after the jump.

What if superheroes were hipsters? We'd all be dead at the hands of supervillians, that's what. And not just because the superhipsters would think it's ironic, but you've got to admit it is a little LIKE RAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN ON YOUR WEDDING DAY, IT'S A FREE RIDE WHEN YOU'VE ALREADY PAID. Haha, am I really quoting Alanis lyrics? Yes, yes I am. CAUSE I'VE GOT ONE HAND IN MY POCKET, AND THE OTHER ONE IS GIVIN' A REACH AROUND.

Hit the jump for the rest, all courtesy of College Humor.






If Superheroes Were Hipsters [collegehumor]

Thanks to Aaron, Totex and Michael, who don't like flannel OR Wayfarers. Oooh -- that might be a dealbreaker.

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Reader Comments

LOL @ Hulk.

haha just read them all... Funny enough.

you just bought me a pair of lolerskates!

love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xD hahahahaha ingenio

Wheres superman?

MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! I totally get Aquaman, just feel free to replace Atlantins with Seattle and BOOM! welcome to my world! FUCKING SEATTELITES! And don't even get me started on Portland (bot cities kick ass htough) i think it's just part of my passive agressive northwesterness! man i could go for some showbox, or some fun house, or some croco action right now anybody? EXEPT FOR I AM STUCK IN A GIANT FUCKING NAVY SHIP IN GOD KNOW WHERE THE FUCK (I don't even know where i am floating at right now)

hahaha "my invisible jet was really bad for the environment so i traded it for an invisible subaru outback" and the hulks was funny too. :D nice

LOL love the PBR on ironman.... "its a fixie" thats hilarious.

Its hipster to be antihipster

F3cking Hipsters i f2cking hate them i wish they all died pieces of sh1t
God they are so annoying, d1cks, poor excuses for men, fagg0ts

You bleekers. This is deck as ef.

Ha, Spider-man is dressed up as Prancing Michael Cera.

Wonder Woman & Ironman. So if you recycle and/or actually care about the environment, you're a hipster? I did not know that.

So what's the name for too-hip-to-be-hipsters?

Well isn't THAT ironic? College humor releasing another batch of unfunny pseudo-geek pictures.

....wait, I'm confusing ironic with expected. Damn you, Alanis!

@ #14: The point is that you're a hipster if you're a douchebag about caring for the environment.

I don't see what this has to do with Star Wars, but it's at least about comic books.

Funny that Aquaman is so universally 4th rate "hero", that I had to look up why he had a hook for a hand. Apparently there's been a long history of stories around him losing his hand...and apparently nobody knew/cared (except the guy who made these pictures".

@6 Superman's not there because Clark Kent is already a hipster

Ahhhh don't make fun of Portland. It's great here.

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@ 19
Yes, our city is pretty kick ass, but c'mon it's totally the hipster capital of the world... don't tell me you don't know or haven't seen every one of those caricatures ;)

how dare you put aquaman in the same category as the others :P

p-town ftw. don't hate congratulate

quoting my husband... "Fags..."
"No honey, they're hipsters."

all those SUCK.
they arent hipsters theyre douchbags.

Yep, seen every one of these on Belmont last week.

can someone pls explain to me wtf a hipster is?

@27 Google probably can. That or go to college and you'll figure it out.

Hey, it's okay, fellow Stumptownders. P-town is indeed great, but we COULD do a better job of laughing at ourselves sometimes, y'know?

google did a poor job of explaining, i still don't get it

also, not an americanfag, so my college experience taught me nothing of these "hipsters"

Wow, Batman looks like such a douche! BLASPHEMY!!!

Ann Arbor.... Soooooo many hipsters, so few ways to dispose of their bodies without being caught. Oh wait... I can just grind them up and sell them to the food co-op.

And it's one thing to actually care about the environment because you're legitimately concerned for the right reasons. Most of the hipster douchebags I've seen only pretend to care because it's as fashionable as their tight pants.

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Following his death in Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis and resurrection at the end of Blackest Night, Aquaman has regained his natural hand, but seems to have retained some of his altered powers from the Black Lantern Corps, such as the ability to control undead sea-life.

BRaAAaaaAAaAAAP! 503

I'm not a douche, so I'll help you out.

"Hipster is a slang term...often to describe types of young, recently settled urban middle class adults and older teenagers with interests in non-mainstream fashion and culture, particularly alternative music, indie rock, independent film... In some contexts, hipsters are also referred to as scenesters."

(source: Wikipedia)

Hipsters are people who are interested in things that make them appear unique, edgy, and interesting, yet are really very shallow and vain people.

I think the artist wishes he lived in Portland... Those were pretty stupid.

don't rip on portland, punks! i hate hipsters as much as the next dude but come on nah!

not funny and horrible non original drawings hella totes worried about this illustrator yall.

what? batman no using I-phone???

Ha-ha. It's that word everyone throws around, being used in a way that can't even seem to agree on one definition throughout the piece!
O-ho-ho, I find this unfocused but get an ironic laugh out of it that makes me feel superior to a vaguely-defined group of people.

I had sex with a hipster once. Best unshaved cooch evar!


I hate hipsters because they only drink their wine out of paper bags...

@27...... you'd have to come to the PNW.... seattle and p-town are full of them. remember guys, hipsters are not all bad.. they are responsible for half of the worlds excellent micro-breweries!

@36 Your not a douche, just a smartass knowitall.

I think most people's definition of a hipster is kind of shallow in itself. Just because somebody like a certain kind of music, or dresses a certain way, does not mean that they are a hipster. In my opinion, a hipster is somebody that does something because they think it is popular, and/or it will make them seem sophisticated or cool. I listen to indie music and I get called a hipster all the time... the fact is, if someone truly loves a certain kind of music, that's not being a hipster. I think it's unfair to label people without really knowing them as a person.

Everyone calling these drawings horrible and unfunny are probably just hipsters that need to get over themselves and learn that it's okay to laugh at yourself every once in awhile. I mean really, come on.


No... they just suck and are unfunny. They took awesome comics and turned them into some stupid emo crap.

LOL Spider-Man reminds me of Tyrone the crackhead from Chappelle's Show


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