Sep 10 2010Stop-Motion Pixel Pac-Man Made With People


Just like Soylent Green! As you may recall from the Tetris one (but probably don't because that was two-and-a-half years ago), Guillaume Reymond creates stop motion video game videos as part of Project GAME OVER. This is one such video. So if you were hoping for a Corgi bellyflopping off a dock, sorry, you're gonna have to look elsewhere (read: search Youtube, dummy).

PAC-MAN was played by real human-beings sitting in a cinema: it's the 5th video performance of the GAME OVER Project from the French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond. This stop-motion video was shot and played for the new ProHelvetia's programme GameCulture at the Trafo cinema (Baden, Switzerland) on August 28th 2010. This giant game was played by 111 human pixels that has moved from seat to seat during more than 4 hours...

Damn, 111 people playing musical chairs for 4 hours? I don't know how you did it. Because the last time I was working on my own genius video project I couldn't get three friends to walk down the street for five f***ing seconds. And that was the day I realized that, not only does nobody believes in me, but I have no friends. So you wanna know what I did that night? Got the drunkest I've ever been.

Hit it for the worth-a-watch video.

See Pac-Man performed by over 100 'human pixels' [dvice]

Thanks to Uncle_FUJ, who knew Soylent Green was people all along and loved every bite. Okay, sicko.

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Fucking awesome!


..that's the pacman sound I hear in my head when I see that

OLD! damn it GW!

GW SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! still

What does this have to do with Star Wars?


@6 ss or it didn't happen

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i have a loose anus.

Soylent Green is one of those movies that everyone knows about but no one has actually seen.

Or, more poetically:

Soylent Green
from the movie screen
we all know what it's about
but it's never ever seen.

There's other movies like that. Barbarella. Easy Rider. Birth of a Nation.

I'm sorry for acting up earlier; was suffering from a case of "Justin Bieber Fever of the Beaver".

naas, I was wondering if you were gone for good. Where were you? Doing the parent thing?

These fake naases are pretty funny today -- I admit I lol'd. They're prolly past firstards that you've offended.

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Dishy!! Offend Not a chance, I'm nice all the time & never make an ass of myself online, NEVER! I've been lurking awhile & taken on the world of building lasers (anal stacking got boring, dont google it) But it's been awhile since pissing people off with the crap I spew before a bunch of fake naas' tried making ME look bad. That never happens....

All this naas bashing needs to stop! We should all learn to be more tolerant and nonjudgmental to those with drinking problems and a loose anus.

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@40 welcome to geekologie comments, what you're reading is from more than one person pretending to be someone ficticious saturated with sarcasm and then some. I don't think anyone's upset but dayumm!

i DID remember the other one

wow that was boring. i feel like they wasted their time and mine.

sightly different concept but minds will be blown:

Human LCD

doodle-oo-doodle-oo doodle-do

i can't even watch the whole thing. damn annoying. they should have done it with the freakin lights turned off and wearing fuoresent shirts

Wow, so many nass and naas comments made forget what the post was about. But I lol'd at every time the yellow guy had to sit on a purple one. It was like butt sex. but I'm dissapointed to not see the ghost's ghost go back to the box after being eaten, you only see it pop up already inside the box.

....I enjoyed the video....THAT IS ALL

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