Sep 15 2010No Class Ring?: Storm Trooper Varsity Jacket


As you probably know by now unless you live on Hoth and your internets are perpetually frozen, Adidas has a whole line of Star Wars themed apparel. The latest? Tauntaun-skin intimates. This Dark Side Imperials varsity jacket. Now I'm not saying I'd go steady with anyone in school that has one just so I could wear it, but I'm sure we could work something out. HJ behind the Death Star gymnasium? Think about it.

Hit the jump for more detailed shots (including a worthwhile pic of the back) and the matching sneakers, all available soon.




adidas Originals x Star Wars Fall/Winter 2010 "Super Death Star" Stormtrooper Varsity Jacket [highsnobiety]
Stormtrooper Varsity Jacket [influentialgeek]

Thanks to Babs and Mike, who agree there should be junior varsity jackets for those of us that never made it to the A team.

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4th or possibly 5th or 6th by now

I've been a Star Wars freak for almost as long as I can remember, but this kinda sucks...

FINALLY something to do with star wars


You can only get away with wearing this if you're black.


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where a young supple Luke was shooting Womp-Rats in Beggars' Canyon and happened across creepy old Bear, Obi-Wan, who used his light-sabre all over Luke. Yes, all over.

FINALLY your a homo

Finally, a clothing line for all those geeky jocks running around. Owait.

WTF does this have to do with Star Wars?

We used to have firstards, now we're working our way up to fourth and fifthtards? GW needs to start deleting some of these juvenile posts!

@1 AGREED!!!!

@ 6 gay

WTF? As if being a Star Wars nerd isn't bad enough, wearing a jacket with "Super Death Star" on the back is sure to finally get your ass kicked.

@12 GW SUCKS!!!

@12 I agree, and let's start with your own goddamn whinyassed post.


Okay, I love Star Wars, and have NO PROBLEM wearing things that advertise that fact, but this is just ugly.

Neat idea but they will overcharge for this. Count on it.


I couldn't understand what you said. Get that cock out out of your mouth, you're mumbling....

ahhh.... just another typical day on geekologie

Every time I click on a dead link, God kills a kitten.

"We are having trouble locating a match for your search: 3733988
Try a new search"

@19 The only cock in mouth is mine in your mother's. See? MY cock in your mother's mouth! Oh wait, you are talking about penis right? Then YES!

Super shitty.

tauntaun skin intimates?

And I thought she smelled bad on the outside!

@8 It's actually an adidas line. I already preordered mine.

@25 welcome to geekologie

Instead of a language filter, we need a ***FIRST*** filter! ;-) Nah. Nevermind. I hope Lucas will be using all this CASH influx on a decent end trilogy. This crap is the suck.

^ at one time or another that thought has crossed everyones mind

I'd buy it, and shoes to match too, but maybe not those shoes... I'd almost buy anything adidas makes.

George Lucas can never have enough money!!!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!!!!! GIMMMMEEEE GIVE IT ALL TO ME!!!!!

The back of the jacket should have a massive fucking DEATH STAR. Like, seriously, wtf is up with this ghey back design?

i wanted the jacket until I saw the ugly back side of it. bummer.

Hey guys, I got 3 pieces of this (S,M and XL).
Letting em go now. Came from my very private collection.
Never been worn and comes from a smoke and pet-free home.

Mail me if you're interested at

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