Mesmerizing! Alternatively, Double Bubble All The Way: Giant Bubbles Popping In Slow-Mo

September 4, 2010


This is a video of somebody's grandpa blowing giant-ass bubbles on the beach and them popping in slow motion. It's mesmerizing. I mean, come on -- who doesn't love bubbles? Exactly, only devil worshipers and Bubble Boy. Anyway, I assume this is some sort of viral ad for Canon's 550D camera, who's marketing department I'll be in contact with about how to collect my check. Haha, what do you mean "there won't be a check"? NIKON I'M A NIKON GUY.

Hit it for the very worthwhile video (also available in HD).


Thanks to the 1313, who was just happy to see that hot piece of ass in the screenshot made more than one cameo.

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