Sep 1 2010Are You A Prince?: Tiny-Ass 'Micro-Frogs'


Researchers working in Borneo recently discovered a new species of micro-frog that only grows to the size of a pea. Scientists previously thought they were a juvenile version of another species, but those scientists are dumb and ought be ashamed of themselves. Pfft, and you call yourself herpetologists. You probably don't even like turtles!

The tiny amphibians - catchily dubbed Microhyla nepenthicola - measure between 10.6-to-12.8mm long and were found in the Kubah National Park.

While specimens are already held by many museums around the world, they have previously been misidentified as juveniles of other species.

Now scientists say the frogs are a distinct micro-species and the smallest frogs found anywhere in found in Asia, Africa or Europe.

This reminds me -- have you ever heard a girl use the quote, "you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince"? Because that's pretty whore-y. That said, I did travel to Borneo to see if one of these little buggers would turn out to be my prince. Sadly no, but I did get several stuck between my teeth!

New pea-sized frog species discovered in Borneo [newslite]

Thanks to Kristen P. who made a mistake, kissed a snake, and died with a stomach ache. F***ing tragic.

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It would suck if you misplaced or lost the frog

Now to breed a poisonous frog smaller than a speck of dust and put them in someone's milk jug.

..... skip the first 30 seconds.... just sayin


that little frog looks like he's trying to powerlift that penny.

It is probably worth more than the penny.

Old news is old... this is several days old. You're slacking GW.

They're probably only called herpetologists because all thay do is herp-durp all day...

This is, I'd say, more than a week old, but it matters not, because these tiny frogs are awesome.

@6 He is, this is a picture of Donatello weight training before he became a TMNT

Aren't juvenile frogs tadpoles? Weak hypothesis, scientists.

this reminds me of that time of picking strawberries and being attacked by tiny frogs.

The funny thing about this pic (aside from power-lifting) is that that's an actual size comparison (man's head vs. frog) on a miniature scale.

THAT IS ONE GIANT ASS PENNY (not to be confused with ass-pennies, totally different)

I like how nerds are so accustomed to everything being handed to them at a moment's notice that they consider news that's a few days old as "old". Pathetic. That being said, you will not discover my secret





Knock knock.
Who's there?
Knocked up.
Knocked up who?
Waaa. You mean you don't even remember my name!?

Tiana: You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince to spawn.

Fiona: You have to kiss a lot of ogres before you find one with a sense of humor.

Belle: You have to kiss a lot of beasts before you find one that cleans up nice.

Simba: You have to kiss a lot of warthogs before you find a girl who knocks you off your feet and wants to kill and eat your friends.

Snow white: You kiss a lot of dwarfs and party into oblivion and then wake up in a a coffin feeling old and sore with some guy jamming his tongue down your throat. What was in that apple?

Ariel: You have to keep your mouth shut and throw yourself at your prince and even then he'll get stolen by some bad-girl evil sea witch. Why are guys so dense? (rolls eyes)

Rapunzel: You've gotta let down your hair and lure you prince into your bedroom when your step-mom's away.

Bring these poor little frogs to America - we can make them huge!

Go Microhyla nepenthicola use Hydro Pump!!!!!

I smell a new Subway sandwich ingredient!! amirite?

Woah, I just picked up a penny to reference this. It was the same year and quality as the one in the picture, trippy dude.
And that's one tiny ass frog. O.o


Small pea-sized frog has small pe***


....."recalculating robocolypse procedures"....."tiny frogs get to live-KILL ALL HUMANS"..Oops did i say that last one out loud?

HEY WOA! catchy name! do want

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