Sep 21 2010Another Day, Another Texting Infographic


Note: I had to cut this thing like a paper snowflake, hit the jump to see the whole graphic.

We've already seen one infographic on texting, but here comes another with a bunch of other stats. Namely, what percentage of text messengers think it's kosher to text during sex. And that number is 6% for users over 25 and 10% for those under 25 that counted solo sex acts because there's no way anybody can think it's okay to text during the most feel-good experience you can share with another person. Key word: ANOTHER. That said, I've done it before. And updated Geekologie.

Hit the jump for the whole, much longer infographic.


Facts About Text Messaging[cellphones]
Facts About Text Messaging [walyou]

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nobody texts, nobody talks anymore



I like cheese

texting , wow. great achievement for human kind. Back in my days we used paper. It was called writing. you had to pay for a pen once every 2 months.

I am a tool

#5) text massage? i'd like a text massage!

@6 no shit

Ok, yes let's all pretend that using a cell phone while driving is the modern equivalent to beating your wife, or stomping on babies while singing Nazi marching tunes.

How about the stats on accidents caused by eating while driving, or talking to other people in the car, or putting on makeup, or adjusting the radio, or turning around to smack the kids in the back seat.

All I can say is I've never been in a cell phone related accident, but I've been in several caused by people doing one of the above things.

"text message" is a verb?
I thought "text" was the verb.

This and text massages make for a horrible Failographic.

"Reading text messages was more detrimental than writing them"

Bullshit. It's the same thing as looking at street signs or your GPS or pretty much anything. Anyone texting while driving will most likely be able the read the entire text in a single glance.

I'm going to preform a 'study' on the way home. I'll text with one hand, read a msg with the other and drive with my knees. Someone will be in touch with where to send flowers.

@8 YES shit.

So, if a 70-year-old's reaction time is so poor that it is used as a comparison for kids not paying attention, why are old people still allowed to fucking drive?

Everybody thinks I'm crazy when I say you either collect Social Security or have a driver's license, NOT BOTH, but I swear to God 75% of our society's problems will be solved if we didn't have to deal with old people on the roads.

McFeely, you're actually arguing about that? This is a poorly done infographic on TXTing... not on eating, and not on driving accidents. TXTING...

I have a feeling you often txt while driving. The innocent are never very defensive.

@11 well you can write a text without looking at the phone, and iv watched plenty of people do so, i can quite believe that.

and @5 are you trying to say somehow that texting is a step backwards? like writing on paper and mailing it is better? we pay for the speed, and considering the price id say its quite reasonable, especially seeing as if you do mail it you'd pay more for the stamp!

brain cells, handy when used properly

They pump out so many of these, they can't even proof read. Apparently "as text massages rise, talking on the phone falls". How do I get a text massage? Is it like sexting? I want a text massage. Dammit.

Every time I see someone with a phone in their hand while driving, I want to punch them.


I think he's referring more to the fact that there are some kids these days who learn how to type before they handwrite. Or some people have such illegible handwriting because they almost never write.

Or that humanity's thinking and conversation is parsed into 160 character Tweets.

@13 I'm glad that I'm not the only one thinking this way. It only makes sense that texting while driving is banned in certain places (like Ontario, where I'm from) then driving past the age of 70 should be banned also.

I can't count the number times I have almost been in an accident becasue an old person cut me off, changed lanes without checking blindspots, or never used a turn signal.

I bet kids nowadays dont' know what stationary is. XD

Let's just round up all us old folk and kill us all. Then, you all can an age limit to where when people reach it (like 65, let's say) they have to die. No more old people! Everyone wins!

Now where did I put my diaper?

I'll bet kids nowadays don't know what stationery is, either.

@22; Thanks, that was bothering me.

I know what stationary is, and I am indeed a youngin. however, I'm also a hipster. *sad trombone*

Methinks it is only ok to text while having sex in order to prolong having sex.
For example, giving an, albeit false, excuse as to why you're going to be late to a study-group or important business meeting, or graduation.
It's courteous to your fellows and has the added advantage of allowing you to continue procreating.

Actually... if you're not trying to get her pregnant, it's more of a false sense of procreation which should go against our baser instincts... I shall think more on this.

What do I see interesting about texting? Nothing! If I'm going to pay for cell phone service I'm going to talk on the phone. Why even have voice capability if all you do is text? Heeeeyyyy, wait a second!!

*ZING******** Sound of me heading to the patent online page. By the way, don't read that last part about me developing an inexpensive text only phone and system.

pa does have texting laws

@ 22 You're my hero.
@11 - You do realize that road signs are designed so that the driver does not have to look away for very long? Not to mention that most road signs are symbols and are immediately understood. You also are required to take a test to show that you can recognize them right away.

I love how no one has mentioned how words like your and you're have changed to UR because it's faster to type. Are you kidding me?! This is ridiculous. Half my generation can't spell, can't use proper punctuation, and has no idea what a homonym even is. It's disgusting.

Or the fact that people can't detach themselves from their phones. Common decency and manners have gone out the damn window since cell phones came about (obviously not directly due to cell phones, but certain things are). Why are you on the phone while checking out in line? Why are you texting at the dinner table? It's disrespectful and rude.

Let's be serious. If you're texting while driving, or anything else, you should have your license suspended (at least). The average commute time for people in America is around 20 minutes. You can't wait 20 minutes? People used to wait days for messages, and you can't wait a fraction of an hour?

Sadly, I know that, for some of you, this is TL;DR because it's more than 160 characters.

Lets all sext massage each other. I'll sext massage all girls, with my pen15...

@28 True that, I don't know what a homonym is, is that a gay nym?

I'm surprised the author of this didn't mention the cost of texting to phone carriers. They use a separate control channel for texts which is always active, so it costs the same to them whether people text or not. And they still make billions of dollars from texts.

@30 Your comment should read:
That's true, although I don't know what a homonym is. Is that a gay nym?


And just in case you aren't kidding (which I sincerely hope that you are) - Homonyms are words that sound the same, and are sometimes spelled the same, but have different meanings.

" 14. Jesse - September 21, 2010 1:17 PM

McFeely, you're actually arguing about that? This is a poorly done infographic on TXTing... not on eating, and not on driving accidents. TXTING..."

It's a poorly done infographic that attempts to show how texting (txting is not a word) is so dangerous as to be avoided. But since we all live in the real world, things like "relative risk" are important.

It's like telling people you should wear a helmet when crossing the street, without mentioning using crosswalks, looking both ways, or waiting for a light. Texting is obviously a silly thing to be doing while driving, but it doesn't even come CLOSE to the other dangerous shit that we jsut take for granted that people do while driving.

i invented text messaging, or as I like to call it "texting".

They need to have a chart on Drunk Texting. "Drexting?" lol

What's a cell phone?

Ok first how do you text while having sex? Is ADD in this country THAT bad? So by the poster stats, we can all look forward to a future of obese, gay, Mexcian-sociopaths, between 18-29 years old killing people with cars and/or falling on peoples heads while on the John?

@20 Isn't stationary like a tooth brushes, razors and shaving cream? xD

I would like to say that some of the above comments underestimate the abilities and intelligence of others. Firstly there are 'young people' who know what stationary is, some actually collect it for the designs and like to write letters to their family for keepsakes. Second, just because a large number of seniors are bad drivers does not make ALL seniors bad drivers.
That is not to say that I disagree with the fact we may have regressed slightly: a significant sect of the population hardly knows how to write by hand anymore, using computers and texting to get all their work done for them. Often times they can't spell without a computer to correct them. Either way, it's frustrating.

Stationary? who cares? handwritting? who cares? You would think that obviously if we arent using things or doing things the way it used to be done 50 years ago there is a reason for it, WE DONT NEED IT ANYMORE. Get over your old ways, stfu and stop complaining about what the next generation of people are doing. If people get in accidents it is not because of a cell phone, it is because they are careless drivers to begin, if the world gets fat it is not because of cell phones, it is because those people are simply lazy. If ppl cnt spel r tipe crrctly, who cares? You can read it. Maybe your just to lazy to take an extra second to read it if its that messed up. People need to wake the fk up one of these days and stop being such ignorant Aholes. There are millions of things that people do around the world that will bother other people. Are you people that unsatisfied with your own life, the only way to make yourself feel any better is to pick on any little thing you can think of? Wake up and grow up people. If you dont like what cell phones or txting (Can you read it? thats all that matters....) has allowed people to do to themselves then I suggest you either stfu and deal with it, or start some massive charity for the world to have counseling on how to maintain themselves as human beings. Otherwise all you are doing is wasting more of your time writting the message, anyone elses time who read the message, and you are angry in the process... poor poor bastards.....


The only message that amused me.

ok so it is ok to text in the bathroom um isn't that a little grouse. Like seriously the phone has more germs than the toilet.

I am 19 and I don't text! I am not updated gaaa!

@42: only when you have small game birds in your bathroom.

@41: @43 is way better.

@40: You're (not 'your') wrong in everything that you said, die in a fire.

Cant text while driving (or while stopped at a red light) in Georgia without the risk of a fine.

"as text massages rise"

I like how, even after the correction was made, people keep mis-spelling "stationery".

That amuses me more than @41 was amused by @36.

@1(fake naas) ok new prince

@18 Tweets are 140 characters, not 160.

@40 Sometimes we can't read whatever shorthand people have made up, and therein lies the real problem. There is no standardization for this shorthand. Different people with different accents or ways of thinking decide things should be spelled different ways, so the shorthand suffers. Also, to be honest, everyone should be upset by this shorthand. I have seen essays turned in using it. Millions (Billions?) of tax dollars are spent every year teaching English to kids in public schools, and they disregard it. So if you're ok with text-speak, I would think you would be upset that your tax dollars are being thrown away. Think of all the Big Macs you could have bought with that money!

"#5 ... text massages..." What comfy phones we have.


You do realize that most of the words that you actually spelled out are spelled incorrectly, right? Are you so unsatisfied with your life that you do not care that other people think that you are ignorant and possibly a 3rd grader with a foul mouth?

How you got out of grade school is a mystery. It's quite obvious that you do not hold a well paying job with any form of respect. Stationery (not stationary, which means to stand still) is actually still often used by people who care about the message they send across. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation use are often used to weed out resumes and employees at jobs where people get paid well.

It's people like you who are a disgrace to our generation and are exactly the members of society that result in the comments listed above. No wonder you are so offended. You are the exact type of ignorant, and belligerent, moron they are all speaking about.

hahaha rofl @ 13 and 36


No, I am that satisfied with myself and my life that I do not need to be concrned about what other people think, (This is not a professional workplace is it?). Which is apperently why you are all crying and so concerned about what others think about you. You were obviously able to read my post very clearly, so whats the problem? If I was writting anything of actual importance, I would obviously take the time to use proper grammer and spellling etc.... I can surely understand people being frustrated or whatever to a certain extent, in certain situations. But most of you guys are out of hand. If you didnt catch it in what I said above, probably because you guys are not satisfied with yourself, SO concerned about what others think about you, and just want to talk negatively about others, to make yourelves feel better... online.... behind a computer.... wow........ I hope you continue failing at life and die stressed because your so concerned about what others think about you, yet your so quick to judge others, with few friends, if any around you because your head is so far up your A$$.

if cell phones fry brain cells (radio waves an all that) shouldnt we be geniuses for converting to the almighty text? hmmm.....

They have them, they're called 2-way's or 2-way pagers.


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