Sep 14 2010Adding An i Is Still Cool?: The KFC iTwist


No, despite what Apple may have convinced their minions, it's never been cool. ESPECIALLY NOT FOR F***ING CHICKEN WRAPS. But did that stop KFC? Hell finger-lickin' no!

Strapped for cash but sick and tired of the same old cheap eats? Remix your value menu routine with KFC's new iTwists - delicious, snack-size wraps packed with KFC's famous chicken and exciting flavor for only 99¢! Each iTwist features a 100% all white meat Extra Crispy strip, fresh lettuce, and a blend of 3 cheeses, all wrapped up with a signature sauce in a colorful, flavorful tortilla.

Try one of our 2 new iTwists today for only 99¢ each!
• Kickin' Jack - Sundried Tomato Tortilla and Spicy Pepperjack Sauce
• Sweet n' Spicy - Cheddar Tortilla and Sweet n' Spicy Sauce

My God that sounds delicious aside, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess KFC's marketing team is a bunch of out-of-touch iDiots. See what I did there?! Haha, you should be embarrassed for me!

Official Site (iTwist currently only available in limited test markets)

Thanks to Mark IV, who -- what are you, number 16? I've never been good at letter numbers.

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Reader Comments

I was playing with my Barbie Doll but the head came off.
Now I can't get it out of my ass..

Please help me, it hurts....

Oh, Fake ,Shadows, Never back Down etc.


What a bunch of iHoles!



oh and....


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Baja went on vacation to a cabin in the woods when his brother in law drops in and ruins their good time.

"interactive" Twist? That sounds like something Richard McBeef would do to a little boy's nipples. amirite?

Closet you really have it out for McBeef (McQueaf) today. What did I miss.... what gives?

You think !!!

@3 "Intelligent" & "bought Halo" are mutually exclusive

The iTwist?? As if putting "i" in front of something is going to 'apple' it all out of make it cool or something. AND you stole the Taco Bell method of serving food through a drive thru window.... No

DOUBLE FAIL WITH A SIDE OF iFAIL! Stick to serving fried chicken Sanders, that's what has always worked for you

That is the gayest name of all times for food. JUST SAYIN

Not fake.

been available in England for ages.

Just sayin'

Has the one on the left been dipped in blood?!


Only most of the time.
GW Writer SUCKS!!!

@14 Fake and Gay

@14 Fake
@16 Fake
@ ALL I'm GAY!!!!!!!!!

I expect to consume at least two hundred of these before they disappear from the menu. Haters gon' hate, but I'll eat anything in a sundried tomato tortilla.

Who's the minion?

Have fun with the bars and possible liquid-faction during earthquakes. Can you guess what the EPA Air quality index for LA is? 1 out of 100.

Suck it GW

@14 Fake
@17 Fake

@ALL, I was just shagging Daisy up the dirter and got my knob stuck in something.

Please help us, it hurts....

@11 That's exactly why Richard McBeef has ordered a dozen. One for each of his holes.

KFC has been selling chicken wraps for like 10 years, WTF is new about this. Other than a new and very lame name. itwist? Nothing like a name that tells you exactly ZERO about the product.

WTF rename "burritos" or "flautas"? Stupid white hipsters.

Wow... even trolling me today... someone is busy

Naming fail.

wtf are you thinking KFC?!


I thought KFC meant Kentucky Fried Crap.

This was bound to happen. I bet the isaladburrito would taste as bad as it's name. >:P

Now black people can afford to own i(insert name here) products too!

Can't Apple co. just f*ckin sue everyone who uses an "i" do denote their products already. So damn sick of all the knock off iProducts.


Do you seriously think Apople owns the letter "i" and anyone else using it is ripping them off?

Fuck me backwards, you Apple fantards are way more stupid than even iThought.

KFC got rid of their chicken wraps like 3 months ago and I couldn't understand why. Now it all makes sense. They did it all so they could rename it. The iChickenWrap! What a bunch of morons.

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WTF Its not even a technological product.

Back in the 90's, electronic stuff had "e" in the front. in the 00's it changed to an "i" but still for electronic stuff.

The name is ridiculous ok but these itwist are real bullshit, take a look at the article (in french sorry but you can see the pictures) :

WTF, why's it only available in VA and FL? Bring it on up North.

One of those test markets is Ecuador, here we have 3 itwist... green red and yellow, green is made of espinacas and ranch dressing, red is of tomatoes albaca and chipote sauce and yellow of diferent tipes of cheeses.
I like the red and the green, but sometimes the red has too much chipote and its really hot!

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