Aug 3 2010ZOMG, It's Like Working At Chuck E. Cheese!


Welcome to Cubicle Funland, the happiest place on earth to work. Don't feel like making the trek to the bathroom? Just pee in the ballpit -- your kids do it! Speaking of which: did I ever tell you when I was a kid I used to play treasure hunter and dive to the bottom of the pit to pick up all the things other children dropped? Lots of deuces.

Best Cubicle Ever [reddit]
The Daily What

Thanks to Alan, who works at the fair and claims all the games are rigged. What?! Say it ain't so a-whoa-whoa! Your drug is a heartbreaker! Say it ain't so a-whoa-whoa. My love is a life-taker!

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Reader Comments

nice one !

Yesss! I want one!

If you want to destroy my sweater...

...hold this string as I walk away

watch me unravel....

umm am I missing the tie in?

@5 - yes. say it ain't so.

...the secrets that lay...

I'll soon be naked!

is it wrong that I just want to get naked and frolic with the balls?

damn someone knows how to turn a depressing work environment around

Woo Weezer!

Hide a couple of those wriggling robot baby/tadpoles under there.

It's just like that scene in Weekend at Bernie's where Max hid Bernie in a ball pit and a bunch of little kids found him and used him as a trampoline.

You can tell this guy thinks he's so clever. What an attention whore! Somwhere in the neighborhood of 12% of people are out of a job in the US and somehow this d!ckhead has the time to fill his cubicle with balls? With BALLS?!?!?!? BAAAAAALLLLLLLLLSSS!!

(the last "balls" are to be imagined with all of the gusto of William Shatner yelling "Khhhaaannn" at Ricardo Montalban)

Life is so lonely. I am a doctor, rich and single at present.

The best club for seeking rich singles, and sexy beauties,

And the only place to be your own sexy milfs!!

```get the place from my name..```

I'll soon be naked!

Hide a couple of those wriggling robot baby/tadpoles under there.

@ 13

As long as it doesn't effect his job preformance I say let him keep his balls. The worse thing you could do to a guy that is already stuck in a cubicle is to take his balls away......

@17 There's something to be said for employing people who aren't sad manchildren

all he needs is a cape to complete this picture


@13 and 17

If you actually READ the flags hung in front of him, it appears to be a birthday prank that someone else did for him. I doubt this is what his cubicle looks like on a daily basis.

Now just some background music, how bout this one

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