Aug 2 2010The Fanciest Porta-John You'll Ever Not See


Despite my dapper Bond-like online persona, but I'm not really a very classy guy. Shocking, I know. I eat off the floor up to a minute after something's been dropped, I rarely change out of the same clothes I slept in (often in the back of my car), and I pee on the street more often than on the floor next to a toilet. I drove through Beverly Hills yesterday and, no lie, they asked me to leave. Anyway, maybe you are classy. And, if so, maybe you need a $15K porta-john trailer for your next wedding reception.

each one of these $15,000 porta-potties is the size of a trailer, and comes complete with urinals, stalls, fully working sinks with hot water, and even a stereo system to pipe in some tunes.

The toilets are even porcelain and everything. It looks more like the kind of setup you'd see at a hotel, not at a wedding.

Geez, why not just go the extra mile and install individual catheters at the reception? You won't even have to stop dancing to pee -- just make sure the tube's still connected to the bag strapped to your leg and piss away. I repeat: MAKE SURE THE TUBE'S STILL CONNECTED TO THE BAG. Trust me, there's nothing more embarrassing than draining your snake on the dance floor ONTO THE ACTUAL DANCE FLOOR. I turned that Electric Slide into a Slip-n-Slide. Somebody's grandma broke a hip!

$15,000 porta-potties are WAY nicer than your bathroom [dvice]

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The perfect clubhouse....

NO GIRLS ALLOWED (we're kidding. we love girls. c'mon in)

@1&2 Ha Ha, you guys are #1 and #2

this is the porta potty used for Chelsea Clinton's wedding.... exciting!

actually these were in use at the University of New Hampshire 2006 graduation...

makes me glad i had my digestive system replaced with electro fiber muscles and adamantium armor plating. that place may look nice now but imagine what it will look like after the humans get thru with it. *roboflex*

Looks like an ordinary "Honey Wagon" to me. They are used on film locations all the time!

Home sweet home.

@1, Lucy says she wants her strap-on chin dildo back?!

These have been at use in tournaments on the PGA tour for at least five years now.

Chelsea Clinton looks like BARAKKA!

I actually used one of these twice. Both at weddings, you can rent them. They are simply motor homes turned into bathrooms. Not that special.

Just to add to the toilet-bragging, but i used one of these at the Hay-on-Wye Literary Festival. I too was surprised by the luxury.

everyone before this post is now dead. :(

everyone before THIS post is now dead );

they actually had these at download festival this year in the blue campsite (standard big campsite) and it was £3-£5 depending on whether you wanted to use the extra stuff they had. I was shocked to see metalers actually cueing for it to open...pussys.

they actually had these at download festival this year in the blue campsite (standard big campsite) and it was £3-£5 depending on whether you wanted to use the extra stuff they had. I was shocked to see metalers actually cueing for it to open...pussys.

I've been in one, and they don't mark Girls and Boys very well. Sorry lady's!

Dudes! I've been in one like this. At a concert it was a huge advertisement for someone like scott bathroom tissue or some crap like that. It was nice but as i consumed so much beer to the point of my bladder exploding on the woman in front of was well worth the wait once inside!

I live in Seoul, South Korea, and they actually have portable toilets like this. They're heated, clasical music is piped in, the toilets flush and warm running water. Most foreigners are amused by the "etiquette bell" that makes a flushing or ringing sound to disguise any unpleasantness coming from your stall. Not only that, but along the river and public paths, they're situated approximately every 200 metres.

Same kind used in the Canadian Formula 1 Grand Prix for a few years now

yo I used one of these at a outdoor concert, It was the shit! nicer than my gotdamn toilet at home.

I've used these at a lot of outdoor craft show events. They are pretty nice inside, but towards the end of the day, they still get a little icky.

I think I once used one of these at a convention...


@21 How did you know the water in the toilet was running warm?

They pull these bad boys onto The Grove at Ole Miss for football games. Soooooo fancy.

This is great, but not uncommon. Many porta potty rental companies offer these services in order to accommodate upscale, outdoor events. The best feature in my opinion is the option to have an attendant. is the company I know that offers these high end toilets.

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