Aug 13 2010Room For Rent: iPhone Users Need Not Apply


So iPhones aren't cool, got it. But how do you feel about a guy that keeps a Blackberry between his buttcheeks so the government can't monitor his calls? Because I know a guy. Personally. Me, I'm talking about me. Also, if I told you I'm a L337 Starcrafter can I get the big bedroom? I need it for all the orgies. WHAT DO YOU MEAN NO FEMALE VISITORS?! Aaaaahh, I see where this is going. Well listen: we have to take turns pitching and catching, it's only fair. I'll pitch first. Then, when it's my turn to catch, I'd like to call a pinch-catcher. That will be you again.

Craigslist: Looking for an Room in NYC, NO IPHONES Allowed [obviouswinner]

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this guy obv has never had sex, he needs more iphones in his life.

Wow nice

I'll live with this man.

What a weirdo. If he's this picky and opinionated he'd be a horrible roomate and probably a constant source of annoying friction.

He forgot to mention the 3rd rule (at least the next logical one)...
Must be a virgin. Or at least not into women.
*Sent from my BlackBerry Storm*

Umm...Look at criteria is funnier than the anti-iPhone rhetoric.

"The more happening the area the better."?

Anyone who plays starcraft and cares that much about their potential roommates cellphone clearly will not be going out and experiencing the happeningness of their area.

This guy needs to get laid and loosed the fuck up or something

WOW GW with a good post! BACK IN THE GAME BABY!!

Now a geek.

A true nerd :D Definitely a Droid man.

I bet all these people flaming him in the comments use iphones. lol This man deserves a medal or something.

He lost me @ Starcraft 2

Agreed. I'd also require a ban on iPhone users were I posting a roommate request.

LOL Microsheep or Fandroid in action.

Will post a no Jim Jones ban on my roommate request.

he don't like iphone cause he think they will cause skynet and hes looking for starcraft experiance to be able to either fight sjkynet or the alien back if they happen XD

but does he like android 2.2??

The guy thinks he will find anything larger than the box a new iPhone comes in within Manhattan for $1,400 or less a month....typical droid user - delusional.

I can tell from reading this, he's a pc user. :P

This man is my Hero..../snif
Comon admit it some 90% of iphone users are whiped, slaved, and brain washed by steven fu@#$% matter how good or bad iphone gets

Personally my ideal phone hasn't been invented yet..

@18 he can go up to Washington Heights..... if he's black. I have a feeling he's not.

@9 Just leave, christ you're annoying.

iPhone > droid

i don't see a problem? the second "rule" is a bonus, if anything.. the first just being preference. i mean, it's better for someone to tell you "hey i don't any apple users sharing the same apartment with me" rather than actually sharing it and hearing him nag all the time...

and i wouldn't mind living with an apple user. too bad all apple users i DO know of are assholes.

LOL, *or* he could look into getting a smaller apartment & not have to share with anyone at all...

Man, this guy's mind is going to be blown when I tell him that one of my high school friends is a Starcraft 2 programmer who owns not only iPhones but also all Apple computers in his house.

@26 Man, this guy's mind is going to be blown when his programmer friend tells him he's gay.

iphone>droid??? what are you, high?


so iphone is bigger than andriod? well i`m sorry to break it to you but bigger dont mean its better. plus which ever is better is subjective according to the individual user. so your comment is retarded on several levels. well done!

the iphone is to cell phones just like lady gaga is to music...draws a lot of attention, and might sell a lot, but is actually terrible pop culture bullshit that idiots buy into...or something like that

I am 90% sure this is my ex-boyfriend.

@29 you're an idiot, ">" means "greater than" not bigger. in fact, the ugly droid is bigger than the iPhone. I don't want that in my pocket. To quote your dumbass "so your comment is retarded on several levels. well done!"

LOL, you fail

@28 no i'm not high, are you ?

@ 33

Uhmmm.....why? Are you selling?

@32 you`ll find in mathmatics it means greater than (which is its most common use) in terms of larger than or of a high numerical sense, not better than or superior. the driod is used on many phones, many of whihc are smaller in size or weight than the iphone. the person who i orginaly refered to most likely meant that the iphone is better which as i said before is subjective, or he meant that more peeps have iphones than people who have phones with andriod, which is also wrong. get your facts straight and understand what peep say before saying fail. by any chance do you have an iphone? dont be shy!!!

For someone who's looking for a place to live he's awfully picky.

Based on that post alone, I'd rather not have him as my roomie, iphone or not. He sounds like the kind of prick who'd label a jar of pickles with his name and count them each time he eats one. Basically his ad screams "Annoying, opinionated, pretentious pain in the ass looking for a room."

I'll bet this schmuck sends his right hand a valentine's day card every year. He sounds like a real winner, weighs about 600 pounds and smells like a toxic waste dump. Also, the "happening neighborhood" bit is hilarious. This guy has no use for a happening neighborhood, it's just going to waste time he could be using to play his goddamn game.

And, for those of you who think Android, or Andriod as some rocket surgeon up there puts it; is better than iPhone I've used both and Android is to iPhone as Timex is to Rolex. Anyone who thinks otherwise must be using their skull to store old rags.

...Sounds like Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

Am I the only one who thinks that this ad was created as a joke?

Nice..... but not all iphoners are complete douchebags you know, at least 1 in 10 of them haven't been consumed into the self centered & smuggy iculture that's out there. He should've clarified NO iTARDS, I EAT THEM instead and he'd probably have a roommate by now

Thanks but I'll pass...

oh he can find 1400...but it ain't gon be in soho lol. he can rent a closet there perhaps. but not a room lol. moron.

It is definitely possible to play Starcraft 2 AND get laid. Now to be in the diamond league and get laid...that's a different story entirely.

@43 coming from a guy who goes by 'donk donkerson' means I completely support this

@44 Thanks buddy

Good luck to him with the rent price over there and much less finding someone in Soho that DOESN'T have and iPhone. By the way i'm from NYC and it is way too common to see someone walking around here with an iPhone vs anything else. That is the trendiest neighborhood so most people walking around there have an iPhone... LOL

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