Aug 27 2010OMG, Rosie -- Is That You?!: Pleasure-Bot Moonlighting As Iffy Sock-Matching Robot


This is a video of a robot that's been programmed to match socks. And by match socks I obviously mean play with a man's dingus. If you don't believe me, just watch the video. Then try to tell me you didn't just witness the ol' two-handed tug OF PENILE DESTRUCTION. *wiener scrambling to burrow between buttcheeks for safety*

Footage of some preliminary results obtained at UC Berkeley which were compiled for Willow Garage's One-Minute PR2 Quick Start Video Contest. The PR2 is presented with two socks. It then classifies each sock as either "inside" or "outside" and flips accordingly. Once both socks are in the proper orientation, it pairs them.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, "pfft, I'd still do it." And of course you would, you probably get so little action you'd actually risk getting your twinkie torn off by a bate-bot for a single sexual experience. And that, my friends, is sad. Me? I wouldn't come near this thing! Get it? Naughty pun!

Must see pleasure-bot video after the jump.


Thanks to Ryoma, Dishy, Ohgodthey'rehe-, geerlingguy and Christopher, who are all proud members(!) of D.A.R.E.: Dingus-Abuse-Resistance-Education and do not approve of pleasure-bots.

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Reader Comments


I'll take two!

I laughed so hard.

Anyone who folds there socks by stuffing them inside one another is a retard...

@3 i did too
@4 agree with ya man

Long last the robots!

I wasn't expecting to be so funny

@4 come on works well for those little socks that are too small to fold...

Whew, doggit!

A year ago it would have taken a robot 5 minutes to turn that sock inside out. If this kind of progress continues, the worlds sock problems might just be a thing of the past.

i agree with 4, socks are not stuffed like that...the robot is putting on a condom and ...well...i think its fairly obvious :P

and this video is at 15x speed unless the thing in the right hand corner is lying... 15 minutes to turn a sock rightside out and stuff one into another is just pathetic...i think a monkey work force would be much more effective...

Roflbot. Put a wig on it and you've got Bender's girlfriend.

One Shiny Dowel... LOL

no one fold their socks like that stupid robot. anyone else have a strange erotic pleasure/fear boner

@9 --

holy shit you're right this IS sped up 15x.

that makes it even more hilarious

@8 Also consider the 15x speed in the probably took about 5 minutes.

LOL i just scrolled to this article then i turned my head and it was on attack of the show

yeah 12. NotaTard

I got aroused, I would love to buy one of those,
you guys say that he will rip my penis apart, but he looks so Gentle, with those little tiny robot hands, imagine I could masturbate hands free, now with one hand I can use the computer and type, and after I get the robot I can use the Other hand for eating or using the TV's control to change channels, aaaaahhhhh

Now if this thing had a beer dispenser on it's head, or a mouth, I will seriously not leave my house

LOL hahahaha, that was the funniest thing i've seen, that really made me laugh out loud, the end is the best, No one, absolutely no one stores socks like that
that was so funny how the robot looked like " Ok I'm Done :) "
well I have to admit the robot is really cute, and the 15x speedup made it look even funnier, LOL

// )

I'm tired of seeing this robot fold clothing, play pool, pick up a beer from the fridge and now stuffing socks into each other. what will it do next? place hats on a hat rack?

Robot Sexploitation!! Wha?! ghey

Laughing really hard at a Computer Lab...

Terrible.... -_-

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