Aug 11 2010Man Decides To Eat His Cat, Gets Busted Marinating It In The Trunk Of His Car


Some failure at life just got arrested for marinating his cat in the trunk of his car after getting pulled over for running a stop sign. "It was just taking an aromatic bath, I swear!" Riiiiight, and I'm just about to fix your hair with my baton.

Police in Buffalo arrested 51-year-old Gary L. Korkuc after they pulled him over for blowing through a stop sign, and found four-year-old Navarro marinating in his trunk in a mixture of oil, crushed red peppers, chili pepper and salt...So why would Korkuc want to eat his cat? According to a memo from the staff at the local SPCA, obtained by the Buffalo News, Korkuc said he no longer wanted Navarro because the cat was "possessive, greedy and wasteful." He told police that Navarro was mean to him. The memo added, "Do not under any circumstances adopt to this man ever again."...Navarro has already been adopted by a family, and his new name is Oliver.

Awh, was the kitty wasteful and mean to you? You poor man, you must have forgotten IT'S A F***ING CAT. God I wish it were a more difficult process for people to get pets. AND drivers licenses. But not birth control, they need to pump that shit in the water supply.

Hit the jump for a news report about the incident, including some worthwhile reactions from neighbors.

Marinated Cat Rescued from Car Trunk Before Becoming Owner's Meal [gawker]

Thanks to Brandon, Adam and k8ydid, who all have strict 'no pet-marinating' policies in their cars.

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Reader Comments


Removed? :\

so the cat was still alive while it was being marinated?

Really? Arrested for preparing an animal as food? WTF?!!
As long as the cat was his, how is any different than butchering and eating a cow, sheep, or chicken?

Stupid Americans and their hangups with freaking cats. They're just another animal! Deal with it.

Now dogs, well that's a different story entirely.

busted for eating pu.... nah I'll let someone else say it

Let me eat it. Only thing I find confusing was the use of the trunk, unless he lived in his car, which is all the more reason to let him eat it.

busted for eating pussy ur welcome

In China this would be a delicacy.
All animals should have the same rights. The right to live.

It's obviously a clear case of a fragglewump being caught at snack time.

Police officers should ditch the tasers, and bring canaries instead.


This is just disgusting.

Yes, the cat was still alive. It was stated his eyes were watering because of the peppers. He has a new home apparently, and appears fine.

This link still works

a different vid, doesn't show the owner though.

How did they determine what was in the marinade? Someone taste it?

@4 I agree, how it this a crime. I can get a live lobster and boil him and its ok.

@ 11 so he marined a living cat ? with fur ? something tells me he's not the best in cooking..

Yeeeah. He clearly isn't all there.

"Korkuc said he no longer wanted Navarro because the cat was "possessive, greedy and wasteful."

Step 1 kill cat
Step 2 rip out cats guts and rinse it
Step 3 marinate cat
Step 4 cook cat
Step 5 eat cat

Dude guy missed step 1 and 2

Yeah, he covered it in salt and oil and shit. It wasn't like floating in oil, he rubbed the marinade into the fur. *shiver* It freaks me out that people like this exist.


Step 0 arrest idiotic owner

@15 LOL

@16 obviously he has never met a cat before...

Wait, what? How do you marinade a *live* animal? That doesn't even make any sense.

The whole point of marinade is that it breaks down the tissues and starts the cooking process. But in order for that to happen, it has to be able to penetrate the tissues. You can't do that on a living animal. Not effectively, anyway.

Why is it against the law to eat a cat? Or is marinating a live animal against the law?

Kitty meow-meow!

I hope /b/ ruins this guy's life.

There's more than one way to marinate a cat.

Not only will this guy now be known for attempting to eat a cat, but also for being so stupid about it.

The world... I have lost faith in it.
Just kidding, that shit happened some time ago.

Maniscus J is from Buffalo, but never ate a cat

@ 21

You are correct, but you are assuming Patrick Bateman here is thinking logically. This looks like a garden variety case of dimensia/senility/apeshit nutbaggery to me.


There are so many hilarious aspects to that news clip. I guess the guy has never heard of an animal shelter.

Wait... You can marinate living animals? My arm just got a whole lot tastier!

Isn't Buffalove great!

Clearly no one has investigated what the cat was doing in the marinade too hard. I mean, it was alive, yet decided to chill in this stuff? Curiosity kills kittehs and I am still waiting!

Also, did they find at least one side item to corroborate it was his doing, because this sounds like a basement cat setup here. Dude prolly took his cat's nip away and bam, cat frames him.

epic fail you don't marinade cats you use a dry rub duh yum yum taste like fluffers.

@ 25. You've been looking at my recipe book.
The only good cat is a stir-fried cat.

@24 As much as I hate 4chan, I've got to agree with you. This guy is a dumbass. Does anyone know if he's some Southern Redneck that kinda migrated north for the summer? Who is honestly stupid enough to not only marinate a live cat, but to do it in the trunk of his car? Something tells me he'd lose in an IQ contest to Forrest Gump.

vyprošťovaný a utržený naviják !!! fuckamush up !!! guys !!! Котэ не Доволен !!!!!

Lulz @36 he said fuckamush.

He should have been arrested...those spice choices are criminal!

Come on, besides the obvious 'marinating a live animal' idiot move, you might want to go with lemon, lime, soy sauce, garlic, black pepper marinade. Much better taste. Mmmm. Now I'm hungry.

Wow that cat has such a lovely, shiny coat of fur! How did he... er, um, never mind...

Doesn't matter what people do anywhere else. In the US a cat is a pet and there are laws. Right and wrong are matters of custom and that varies from place to place.

"40. Fuzzbutt - August 11, 2010 7:14 PM

Doesn't matter what people do anywhere else. In the US a cat is a pet and there are laws. Right and wrong are matters of custom and that varies from place to place.

Post modernistic thinking at it's finest.

God I could not agree more on the pumping birth control into the water supply. People are to damn stupid, the onle other solvent to population control. would be limiting how many kids like *shudder* China does

@34, there's not enough room in that trunk to swing Hello Kitty.

Not that I'm into swinging. Except at the playground. The adult playground. Hellooo nurse.

oh man! I live in Buffalo and read about this in the local paper! Its so effed up!
poor kitty.
*insert pussy eating joke here*

This guy is a few fries short of a happy meal. Another news account said that he was mad that the neutered male cat got pregnant

Did This A$$HOLE watch THE HOST movie or something,
I swear, this is the same thing the monster does,

And for the people who are confused and annoyed that he is marinating the cat the wrong way i will just say, The GUY IS ABOUT TO EAT A CAT, So or course his mind is not well

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this guy was clearly sane and rational

Whatever, cats are overpopulated.

Hmmm. I wonder if he would have been arrested if he was caught marinating his pet cow...

I am... confused.

The cat was alive and in a trunk full of marinate?

crazy idiot likes his food spicy.

This happened right by where I live. This guy is sick...

Poor kitty. :( I'm glad they saved it though. People that would hurt a poor kitty shouldn't be allowed in society.

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WTF @marinating it alive...

Fucked up: Yes. However, how can anyone that eats meat get all twisted up over this? Where do you think your hamburgers or veal cutlets come from you fucking goblins? People raise "farm" animals to eat in their own back yards, what is the difference?

"Waaaaaaaaaa that poor cat."


We only eat the ugly animals....

i've heard cat meat is 55% protein! that's almost double of beef

if that's true i'm gonna start adopting a lot of cats

Of course I don't approve of eating cats, but if he -was- going to eat the cat, at least do it right and kill it first. That poor creature was sitting in a brew of peppers :(

All u fucking bastard cat haters go to hell. I hope you all die and burn in hell forever. Cats deserve more rights that u sick twisted fucks, and that guy should rot in a cell and get assraped till he gets his throat cut. I hope all you cat haters out there know ur going to hell, and i hope i'm going to be the one personally who sends you there.

Go die u cat-hating cock suckers.

Barbecue sauce is better, but not with fur!

Pigs - Good Eatin'
Cows - Good Eatin'
Chicken - Good Eatin'
Cat - Haven't tried...yet...

Bravo for comment 61.

Serial killers start with animal cruelty. If he stays free eventually he will escalate to a serial killer. If he is not one already.

It's not that he was eating the cat that got him in trouble, it's that he was torturing it first. Remember that even KFC got in trouble for mistreating its chickens. It's ok to eat any meat (except human in most cases) as long as the creature gets the courtesy it deserves in life.

The vid has been removed from YouTube, but it's available at its original source:

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