Aug 3 2010I Believe!: Star Trek 'Jesus Fish' Car Emblem


This is a Starship Enterprise car emblem in the style of the 'Jesus Fish', 'Darwin Walking Fish', 'Dino Eating the Jesus Fish' and 'Sci-Fi' car emblems. They cost $8 from ThinkGeek and look great on a Prius. But that's it. Don't bother buying one if you drive anything else, because it will look like shit. Plus Klingons will key your car.

ThinkGeek Product Site

Thanks to Cristen and scuttlefish, who made Millennium Falcon car emblems but George Lucas got his leak-proof Depends in a bunch about them and now they're stuck with a garage full of things they can't sell.

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Reader Comments

ahahaha i hate you @1

These things in general make you look like a d-bag.


i want one that looks like a shark and saws "JAWS" . dont ask me why i just do okay!

I'd buy a Falcon decal! Although I do like the Yoda one. And Flying Spaghetti Monster. My car would be covered.

Yes, I am the d-bag that has a bazillion pieces of crap covering my bumper. Thanks for asking.

Am I the only one thinking we are slowly moving towards the star trek religion that futurama predicted ?

I want one that looks like the red Star Wars cupcake. It's OK, I'm a linguist.

This d-bag is sticking with her Cthulhu decal. With any luck, when the old ones arrive he'll recognize my obeisance and grant me a quick death.


I want one that looks like a washing machine eating a brick or somethin'


I want one that says 'first'. That'll get me laid f'sure.

@12, Fo sho!!

how OFFENSIVE to my religious beliefs. >:O

Uhh, yeah, as much as I hate those jesus and darwin fish (and I do pry them off every parked car I see), I would put this on mine. Represent.

I love Jesus and I love Science, so the Darwin fish eating Jesus fish have never appealed to me. I WOULD, however, love a dino but have never been able to find one that doesn't look stupid. Someone should find that for me.

Love these trek fish things! Got mine at from their merch site. Really, I'm obsessed with their site. They got a lot of cool replica and original pieces from the show. If your a Trekkie, it's definitely worth a looksie.

Anywho, here is the link to their trekfish page.

shit ..
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I have had one on my car for 2 years now lol, I love star trek. The description on the website says it best:

"It's not about Creationism. It's not about Darwinism. It's about the future! The TREK FISH simply says we can continue to discuss our origins but, as a species, should focus on what is to come. Show your support for Humanity. Put a TREK FISH on your car!"

i would buy this if it didn't say "trek". that makes the humor way to obvious and a little annoying. i'd rather it be only slightly different than the typical fish and allow people to think i'm a christian (or whatever the fuck buys those things). please make it! god damn it.

wow. too drunk to get "to" and "too" right. serves me right for commenting at all.

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