Aug 12 2010Happy Birthday To Me!: Your GW Is 29 Today


Seen here representing Ratlff Sheet Metal soccer (I played dandelion picker), your GW is 29 today. God I wish I still had those socks. And shorts. Goodwill donations aside, I've got one year left till 30. Then it's a quick ride to geriatric-town and dribbling a pee-trail between the bed and bathroom at night. Kidding, I already do that (too many long car trips). So yeah, feel free to leave a comment wishing me one hell of a dino-banging year (I need all the help I can get), or a slow, painful death at the hands of robotics (I can and will kill you). I don't usually read the comments but I will these so if you have something to say, you better say it now. Also, tomorrow is International Left-Hander's Day so if I seem out of it for the next 48 hours it's because I 120% am and have probably been puking ice-cream cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Oh my God I'm 29,

Your Geekologie Writer

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i didn't want to be first


Happy Birthday you awesome one you!

good job gw


Boots on, trousers down...onward to victory!

Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday bro! Now ya gotta put down 29 beers from now til midnight!

Happy Birthday!


Thanks for keeping me update date with all the geek news!

Happy Birthday,

My nose would bleed daily if not for you and your site.

Happy Birthday GW!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GW! You're all I need when I'm drunk and bored. Will you marry me?

Happy Birthday GW!!! Keep being awesome!! We love you man.

Woop woop! Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty cool for a youngan' GW. Happy Birthday!

yo Happy Birthday GW wish you all best for the next and year
filled with some awesomeness and liquorish deliciousness
oh yeah I'm talking about jägermeister shnaps!!!
greetings from good old germany

Have a fap-tastic birthday, bitch boy :) just don't go tongue punching to many dino fart boxes in one day <3

Happy Birthday! You're hilarious!

Happy Birthday!

29 years is a long time to not be hit by a bus, or be killed by robots, or hit on a dinosaur that has a bigger dinosaur boyfriend.

Congratulations on all three counts!

Happy Birthday!!

what they said!

Happy Easter!!

I bought you a robot from Honda.

It wants to serve you (seek revenge) asap.

Party hard but don't get dead.

I hate your site and you're a dick!

Wow close to 30!!!! Any plans for a mini Geek writer soon?! :D Happy birthday. I said on facebook too but today is my sons 2nd birthday so I'll eat a cupcake for you & him!!!

Happy birthday! Have a great one. ;)

It's me!! from the future! A word of advice, DONT EAT THE CAKE.

I'm using your birthday as an excuse to get drunk today. <3

Happy Birthday GW!

Talk me through the nail clenching in the photo?!

you rock!

may your year be on long dino orgy, robot smashing, filled alcoholic bender


Interesting, +28 posts in minutes. The adware should be along any day now.

Happy Birthday.
My full size statue of your head on a t-rex and the wings of a phoenix is almost complete. Should help keep the robots at bay for at least another year.

Happy Birthday GW!

I wish you all the best, and also lesbian dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday GW! Now don't forget, the cake is a lie!

Happy Ramadan GW!

mmmmmmm........Those are some sexy white thighs......yummers

Congratulations on this joyous anniversary of your biiiiiiiiirth!! Now where's my paddle, it's time for your 29 spankings!


your site has probably made me laugh more than most of the retards around me daily, i'm voting for you for president next election by the way, so basque in that honor accordingly

- cheers



Happy Birthday dude. Fuck you are getting old.

Long last the robots!

That aside, Happy Birthday, and keep this site alive

may you have a hell of a dino-banging year! I love you bitch :)

I want to wish you a happy birthday! I read your posts everyday and now I am glad that now you'll (presumedly) read mine.
You're a really insane (29 year old) man, all that booze-dinosaur banging-robots are the death bringers is funny stuff. Anyways, dont ever change DUDE! If you were a girl, I would say that I love you! Enjoy your birthday.
Ps: I didn't knew you were left handed ): people say your kind is short live when compared to mine minus 10 years ): sorry to hear that. You are AWESOME anyway :D keep it that way

For your birthday, I give you a ride on my ship to the land of the lost. Dinos and pretty women ahoy!

Happy Birthday! May a nice big tittied stripper jump out of your cake

Happy Birthday GW ^.^ hope you have a nice day today

HAPPY BIRFDAY GW.. may you have all the dinos you have wished for!

haha, happy b-day! Your process of dying already started and you passed your maximum of sexual life about 8 years ago. *haha*

high five! (don't leave me hangin')

Happy Birthday, GW! Hopefully you'll take solace today in knowing that you bring ENDLESS hours of joy and amusement to the rest of us who don't have the privilege of having a job as cool as yours! That's gotta count for something, right? Plus, you're sexy as hell.. in my mind, at least! ;P

Happy Birthday dude. here's to another year and hopefully no world ending robot attacks. Just a question for you though: you hate robots, and love dinos; how do you feel about the dino-bots? Are they an exception to your "robots must die" rule or just another way robots are out to destroy the world?

Happy bday ya fried turkey.

..just another reason to drink today GW, happy birthday big guy!

You have exposed me to a world that I always knew I was missing. Thank you, sir, and Happy Birthday

Hey man, congrats. Don't forget your Geritol after dinner tonight. Just take it with your Metamucil shake, you'll be fine.

Happy birthday, GW! I'll wear my happy dino shirt in remembrance of your day! Enjoy your final year of your twenties... you old bastard. ;)


I'd hit that . . . the soccer ball that is.

Happy Birthday, dude!
What about the gifts? Gadgets, maybe?
I know a lot of people here in Brazil that just love Geekologie.
Nice Work!

Buon Compleanno GW! Love your site, keep it up !!


Please dont drink your self into a coma, we wouldnt have anybody to make us laugh throughout the work day.

You still Suck!
Your Writing is Still Awful!
I hope you choke on A chicken WING!

Happy Birthday GW!

Remember God loves you always!

I was going to wish you happy birthday until I found out you were left handed. Ah what the Hell. Happy Birthday. Now you can teach me how to jerk off with my left hand. My right needs a damn break.

You're so cute! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday GW! I hope you have a really fucking great one! you deserve it!

It's my birthday today, too! Yay August 12 FTW! Thanks for the awesome site, keeps me from stabbing myself in the face at work.

Happy b-day man, you're a pretty significant idol of mine.
Hope you have a good one.
Anti-robotics movement, FTW

Awh... Happy Birthday!!! Been reading the site for about 2 years now and I still have to hold my hand over my mouth to stop myself from actually "LOL"at work at the witty stuff you say haha. Thank you for making the geek seem so cool :) I show off this blog proudly to all. Geek and nongeeks. It's just that good!

May you have at least another 29 years of not being struck down by Jeebus.

happy birthday GW! Next year, you'll go "oh god oh god oh god, i'm THIRTYYY"

~Happy Birthday GW~

Take a break from sniffing little boys bicycle seats and enjoy your special day.

Aaaaaaand you smell like one tooooooooo

Cheers to not being dead yet!
Happy birthday!
Kiss kiss!

Joyeux anniversaire, you naughty boy!

Happy Birthday Mr GW! Stay awesome.

ehh it's just a number GW. I'm sure you look and feel as young as you did 6 years ago.

nonetheless, happy birthday my man. Your news LITERALLY is all I need - and then some.

HAPPY B-DAY GW!!!!! make sure you remember where the porceline throne is and DRINK, DRINK, DRINK yourself into a stuper!

Gotta run, my Dino-Robot is fixing me BACON!!!


happs birthd. youre one step closer to being our john connor against those damned robits. you cant let SKYNET achieve self-awareness!

@65 where im from, AMRRRCA, thats called the "howdy stranger" cause crankin it with your other makes it feel like a stranger is servicing you!

Have one hell of a dino-banging year and here's to another unoriginal dino-banging comment!


Chu old!

Happy Birthday GW. Thanks for all the company time I have wasted on your site.

Hey, welcome to 29.
I've been here for almost 6 months. It's not so bad. Feels a lot like 28, really.

Now is the time, though, to start looking for younger girls.
I'd say don't go any older than 23. Even that is a stretch.
You need to feed off that youth, like a parasite, you old bastard.

our little man is getting so big!

You-re left-handed too? That definitely warrants a big Happy Birthday from me!

Im 29 too!!! thanks for the reminder asshole!

OLD. And happy Birthday too, I suppose.

Thanks so much for everything. Happy birthday. And out for them 'bots.

hey there coolest writer of all time, happy birthday!

Happy BDAY

It's also my Birthday. Happy Birthday!

Ha, made you look.

Do more of those life tips like the elevator one, I WANNA LEARN HOW TO USE THE WORLD.

29's old, you're like the Geekologie Scriber.

Happy birthday GW!


For all those beautiful moments you made me puke coffee trough my nostrils... Happy birthday.


Happy birthday, GW. Thanks for making me waste hours of my life on your worthless words. <3


This is a complete photoshop job. You can tell its a fake because the shadow's are all wrong.

This is exactly like that scene in the movie Never Back Down where Max and Jake go to a gym and get attacked by these guys in a hummer. They video they took later sends Jake into MMA stardom.

Happy b-day GW. I'm always reading.

MY GOD I LOVE OLDER MEN. Happy Birthday, GW!

Feliz Cumpleaños from argentina :)


Happy B-Day!!! ^_^ I hope you make it to 30!! :3

Cheers! Thanks for all of the LOLs and OMGs!

I'm more excited about international left handers day than this birthday! XD Sorry Geekologie xxx <3

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, GW.

I'd tell you to get drunk... but you already are.

Happy Birthday my old mucker, hope you get your cock wet.

You and me Both Hombre. Happy B-day GW!

Happy Birthday GW! Here's to not dying from alcohol poisoning, robots, or old age.


don't eat the cake!! it is a lie!!! also, all your cake are belong to me!! had to take a bullet for you sometime!


Hey, you share the same birth date as Willie Horton (American murderer and rapist)! Happy birthday!


I hate you, but I love yoU!






I must have you.

I'm glad you made it this far GW. It is also the anniversary of the tyrannosaurus "Sue's" discovery. I don't believe in coincidences.

Happy Birthday GW! Hope you have a dino-tastic day! ^_^

Conquer the day your army of pillaging zombies and may today the most extravagent one out of all the other 28.

Happy birthday man.
Good luck.

Happy Birthday!
Expecting some weird hangover posts from you tomorrow

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SEXY BEAST!!! I totally call dibs on the birthday spanking! You might want to stuff a newspaper in the back of your pants, cuz I'm gonna whip you like the cream you are.. wait.. I mean I'm gonna cream you with a whip... no.. I mean I'm gonna let you cream on my face omg

Love you GW!!

Drink yourself into a coma and dont wake up so I can take over the blogging biz.

<3 Beepharoni

So...a pedofile and a 9 year old boy are walking into the woods around dusk. The boy says "I'm scared" and the pedofile responds "YOU'RE scared... I gotta walk outta here alone!".

Dang your hot....

Just wanted to let you know that my balls are the size of grapefruit

Your old and worthless in just one year... damn, better have fun.


(~'_')~ # ~('_'~)
(^ me giving you a birthday waffle)

Happy Birthday GW
Hope you enjoy the last year you'll be in your twenties.
By the way, are you single?

Ha! Just wait 'til you hit 30. 29's a blessing.

HAPPEH BIRFDEH. I tracked down and gutted 10 ASIMOS just for the occasion. (In their dying breaths, they cursed dinosaurs and freedom...the fuckers)

Hey buddy
Bon anniversaire !!!!!
Yep even French guys read you

Enjoy your 29th birthday because the robots will get you before you get to 30. It's just like Logan's Run but without Farrah Fawcet. She was hot back then, remember? Ah memories. But I digress, WE'RE DOOOOOOOMED!!!

and happy birthday.

Congrats, You cheated Death another year. He's getting pissed.

grats for your level up :). Keep up the good work !

Happy Bday GW!

hey man happy birthday! You PIECE OF SHIT! I HOPE YOU DIE


happy birthday GW !! you're the best, where is the donate button?? (haha kidding like i would GIVE money away) if i knew youre adresse i wold totally send you a sixpack, is советской дерьмо ok? no? i know its because i'm russian *russian drunk singin,shotglass klankin and baby crying in background* good luck in ur furure


Dear GW,

I hope that your birthday is filled with dino-sex and robo-slaying! And if the dino's wear out, come on down to Casa SA, I'll even light candles! S'MORES! also: RAWR!


Happy Birthday GW!

happy birthday gw I love you so much <3 please be my gw forever!

I wish to you a rather nice birthday and I hope if you open up your presents you'll find:

1. the T-virus
2. a chainsaw
3. A timemachine (Don't you dare to mess with my past!)
4. XXL condoms (For use only in the prehistory!!)
5. A robot computer virus Oo So you can be the hero when they underthrow humanity Oo

Oh... and of course the movie avatar XD So you can get so addicted to it that you'll and up like the avatar crazy tattoo guy! Oo

grts, deomew from the future, but don't tell anybody couse they'll hunt me down, take pictures and ask questions... and we wouldn't want that, would we?

Bonne Fete GW!!!!

This GW is 32 today! Must be a special day for geeks!!!!

Happy birthday! Ima going to go fap to those socks

Scratch that.

Happy Birthday GW! Geekologie is my favorite website on the net, and I visit it multiple times every day! I probably visit Geekologie more than any other site in the world (except pornhub (jk))

Have a great year! I discovered Geekologie about a year ago, so this has been a better one for me, all thanks to you!

Wishes of a most prosperous birthday celebration to yous!

what day is today? its GW's birthday. what a day for a party, let's all have some cake!

Where's my cake?

happy birthday GW, you make life for us mere mortals much more bareable.

I'm curious to know how you'd feel about a robo-dino. I hooe you're never presented with that dilemma, happy drunken barfing and dino porking. Keep the humour going

Here's to another year of binge drinking and blogging. Mostly drinking.

happy birthday gw!!

Happy Birthday, GW!!

What the hell is that smell?!

Allo' ! Happy Birthday Kiddo, I enjoy the readings and thank you for them one thousand times over. Enjoy yourself on this celebratory day of your exit from placenta town!..... Im thinking of moving back there ; )

Happy Birthday you dino-raping bastard..... just kidding.... we all know that when dinos blink twice,that: rawwwrrr = yes
..... just sayin

Will we ever know your true name?
Will we ever see your face in a non-blurry picture?
I doubt it. Knowing you, you're probably too busy on quests searching for things that fit into the categories of gadgets, gizmos and awesome to feed our inner geeks with. Forever disappearing into the inter-webz, searching for sexy dinos to love and robotic labs to destroy.
That's alright i guess, as long as you keep blogging :]

Happy Birthday GW!

I hope you have a butt load of fun.


Happy birthday GW! :3

Happy birthday my sexy, l337, funny, amazing, dino-lover geekologie writer!!
I hope you get dunk as hell, eat lots of star wars cakes, have sex with a girl dressed as princes Leia and get the Shark Week dvd collection.

Happy Birthday, GW!!! I just turned 29 this past Saturday. We got a year. One year, man. Then we can feign mid-life crises in order to explain away our immature and socially unacceptable behavior! Weee!

Also, Fish sent me.

Felíz Cumpleaños, mi querido loco. Gracias por muchas horas de entretenimiento. Besitos! oxoxo

Happy Birthday GW!!! Hope you find several Dino's to bang and robots to destroy!!! :D

Happy Birthday GW though you're only the second coolest person born today... next to me of course

Happy birthday bro. Your gift is in the mail. I'll call this afternoon. Celebrating 29 years of being the 'big' brother. Har, get it? Since you're so much taller than me. I had to put it in quotes since I'm only older and not actually of more majestic stature.

Here's to wishing you one hell of a dino-banging year! Now you're in your prime. Optimus Prime that is. I'll save you a seat in my anti robot/zombie fallout chamber when the apocalypse comes in 2012. I've even made hats out of aluminum foil just in case those robo-bastards start mind reading too. I'm ready!!1!

Happy Birthday GW!

Happy Birthday GW!

I hope you have a good one bud.


Happy birthday, gw! I would send you a hand-made card, but I don't know where you live. However, I will find out. If this really is a picture of you (omg you were adorkable), that's just another piece of information about you. I already know that you live with at least two dogs. You have no tattoos. The picture where you showed us your 'tattoo' was obviously done in marker, and it was on your right arm also, and you confirmed here that you are a lefty, and if you'd had a tattoo, you would probably have shown us. You live in a place where hummingbirds live, and now your birthday and and that you played soccer as a kid. We also sort of know what your face could look like now, from that picture, and that you must live with/have lived with a female of some sort(The picture where you showed us your 'tattoo' also showed an extremely shiny floor, and your place was very, very tidy. With dogs, (and apparently a cat) how could one person keep the place so clean) unless you're gay, in which case you probably would have told us by now. We know that you were inside on February 16 at 12 O' clock, which was a Monday, so either you worked from home, it was a bank holiday, you took a day off, or you didn't have a day job on that day. I will find more info. I will. So will the other stalkers, and we will find you.

It's my sister's birthday tomorrow! She's been going on about it all day.
Happy birthday to you, GW! We will rise against the robots on this date, maybe next year, I've plans for today, and it shall be a national holiday in you honor.
btw, I'm about the same age as you are in this photo, now you can stalk me!
If you were still that age now, I may have had a crush on you.
Enjoy your last year of being in your twenties.

Wilujeng Milangkala kakang GW. Abdi teh pembaca setia anjeun

happy birthday. i love you.

I think you may have to lower your standards to find the right kind of dino that will give you the banging you require, and still the soft tender touch that wont shred flesh from bone, or member for that matter. HAPPY COMING-OUT-OF YOUR MOM's VAJAYJAY DAY!


Happy Birthday, keep writin'. You manage to keep me entertained throughout the day, and for that I thank you.

Happy Birthday GW, never stop writing the blog, makes me laugh every day.

happy birthday gw. i hope it's a great year!

I thought you were a rooster 1969 not 1981; now your Star Wars fetish seems even stranger.

Happy Birthday, GW! Rock out with your cock out! Dino bait! - <3 Melia

@171: Now THAT right there is some kickass stalking!! Brav-freaking-O!!

Kudos to you, Sally. Good luck on your journey, and be sure to keep us all updated on your progress - we don't need photos of GW all bound and taped up, or even limbs, just small appendages like an ear, or fingers - he has plenty of those, or maybe some hair; but if it is hair, don't wimp out with the tired ol' "lock" thing, be creative - we want to see the whole enchilada, head, eyebrows, even a 'stache if he has one, which if GW's not bald, he'll be sportin' a 'stache worthy of Burt Reynolds and Tom Selleck's buttlove child.

Carry on now, you have much work to do - and so little time. Doesn't she GW?

Happy birfthday man!!!! XD

Thanks for all your work GW, keep on the good work ;)

Happiest of birthdays. you've got 1 year of youth left, live it up!

now go continue drinking!


happy birthday!

love your blog...

ps:we share the same birthday... :)

GW, you're celebrating left-handers day, too! rock on, man! happy 29th!

Old! You posted this last year! Happy bday gdub!!!

Happy Birthday you Dino-raping S.O.B.!

Sex with with an ice cream cake is fun, but sex with a dino-shaped ice cream cake is funner. And cold.

Happy 29th birthday, you dino-tramping-robot-dismantling-paranoid-drunk-stepfather!!!!

Dear GW,

You are the shit. I wish you a year full of HAPPY DINO RUMPING. You are the shit. I hope you get wasted out of your mind tonight and START A BAR FIGHT WITH ANY ROBOTS who cross your path. You are the shit. I read every post everyday and will continue to do so AS LONG AS YOU WRITE THEM. You are the shit. FUCK MAN YOU ARE THE SHIT.

Happy birthday you god damn dino rumping, robot hating, girlfriend abusing, star wars raping, alchohlic, nerdy, out of shape, schizophrenic and all time greatest blogger of our time,

Geekologie Writer

Best wishes of some T-Rex with sexy lingerie popping out of your cake.

I already wished you a happy birthday, you greedy bastard. But, I shall wish you another one!!! Hope it is filled with some Tektites, gold rupees and heart containers. *plays happy birthday on the Ocarina of Time*

Dearest Sir,
Happiest of Birthdays to you. I hope you find yourself enjoying this most momentous of occasions. I enjoy your website daily, and in honor of your birthday I am going to consume bacon and maple syrup all fucking day.


It's a sign that the comments alone from your posts are enough to make me laugh, let alone the posts themselves. Happy Birthday, GW, you're one helluva... whatever the hell you are.

29??? You're only 29? Bummer...unless of course you like your ladies a little older...and rounder. Well, a gal could hope!

Happy birthday!
Thank you for all the times that I have burst out laughing in dead silence at my household and had my entire family give me that "WTF....?" look.
So yeah

Felize cumplea..... Ahh screw it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GW! You fucking rock so damn hard. Wooooooooooooooooooooh! I think I may be a little drunk... Oh well jajaja.

Nearing 200, this post is.

GW... i wish you a slow, painful death at the hands of robotics as you bang a dino :-)

Dude... this site rocks and if you ever stop bloggin, i'm gonna find you, marinate you with oil, crushed red peppers and chili peppers in my truck and serve you up to the dino you were banggin...

MLIG (My Life is Geekologie)

Hey you! Happy fuckin' birthday!
Thanks for (sadly) being the most entertaining and informative source of news that I give shit about. Keep it up, man. Throw back a beer, or seven, for me, and for Christ's sake, try to get laid.
Much love!

You know it's gonna be a long read when you open this page and the scroll bar gets really small. :)

Happy Barfday Dino Fugger!!


well freaky. was reading this in the uk at lunch time and thinking that ur bday was due. looks on now after work and omfg ur 29 haha lol

i'm psykic <--- can't spell tho!!

Happy Birthday, GW!
You're the light that keeps me alive from day to day!
Keep on rocking those dino's in the bed.

Happy Birthday dude!
Its my 29th in 2 days as well, we are getting old.....

P.S thanks for keeping me entertained at work the past few years!

happy birthday man
thank you for having this site you make my life so much better i really don't know what i would do with out it, i would probably be dead in a ravine somewhere idk but thanks n i hope you have a super awesome bday

happy birthday! i hope you get a stripper rideing a dinasour and socks like you used to have!

Happy exiting the womb day!

You know, I don't comment very often... but...

Happy birthday GW, your site is pure magic. :)

i gess i should say HAPPY BIRTHDAY but then i would be like 206 other poeple so i am goin to say HAPPY SPECIAL DAY ALL ABOUT U. lol it sounds kooler anyway

Happy Birthday.

Have a good one GW. 29 was the worst for me but if it's any consolation I was fine when I hit 30. So it's just 365 days of misery. Anyway cheer up - you could marry me - I'll dress up as a baby torosaurus just how you like and everything. Well I'm English so with my atrocious teeth all those horns act as a penis, er, I mean tooth substitute.

Happy birthday you sexy bastard.

Happy Birthday!
Don't feel so bad - one of your readers turned 39 today. I don't know what's worse - getting older or trolling this site everyday.

Happy Birthday GW, I sent you a huge cake with a yhetti stripper inside of it. Keep up the good work! =)

Happy birthday GW!!!!

Happy barfday GW!!!



HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUD . I 'll hit the bong for you tonight....

Happy Birthday GW, today is a fantastic day to be born on. I should know as today is my Birthday too!

Happy birthday!! I've been following this website for a long time and I love it!


I hope you get some three way action with triceratops. Three of them! That's practically a nine-way.

Happy Birthday GW! May all your dino filled wishes come true.

Happy B-day GW!!!

You're my excuse for partying today! Thanks for always keeping me laughing and entertained!

Happy birthday GW... I hope you have a dino and robotless filled day!

Hey GW! Today is your BIRTHDAY, which you share with Cecil B. DeMille, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Pete Sampras, and ME! Happy b-day to us!

@219 - There is no such thing as a Triceratops anymore, don't you read Geekologie?! Ha ha. Triceratops is just a teenage Torosaurus. So technically, you told GW to have sex with underage dinosaurs who can't legally give their consent. BONUS

Actually bothering to comment today to congratulate on your existence anniversary! Keep on trucking.

This is the 2nd time today that I've wished you a happy birthday so you better return the favour next Thursday.

So yeah, Happy BDay buddy!


Happy birthday GW. i went to google your name but youre apparently anonymous.

Happy birthday GW. i went to google your name but youre apparently anonymous.

Happy Birthday, GW! Now go and get hammered!

I'm a woman of little words so: Happy birthday!

happy birthday gw!

we have the same birthday... last night when midnight struck my wife said "happy birthday! FRIST!" hahahaha... we both love your site

Happy Birthday GW!!! Your the only other man that hates robots and loves dinosaurs as much as me (I think we should start a cult).

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you Awesome son ' Bitch! :D

Happy Birthday man! Thanks for the daily awesomeness!

GW is a pretty cool guy, eh blogs about robots and doesn't afraid of anything. Except robots.

Happy Birffday

Who the shit is GW?

I want to have your children.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday..just look at this way , your 21 with 8 year of experience

Happy BD, GW. If I didn't punctuate the reading of the regular news with your blog entries, I would be an anxiety-riddled shell of a girl rocking back and forth in the corner and talking to herself. Aka. I'm glad that you were born.

It's my auntie's birthday today too. And her daughter has her birthday on the same day as David Tennant! Coincidence that mother and daughter both have their birthdays on the same day as famous people? I guess not, there are too many famous people.
Happy birthday, GW! Don't worry, I'll let you be the first to make like Jurassic Park and bring back dinos to bang. Maybe. Even though I <3 dinosaurs too. You're a frickin copycat! But we still love you, GW, for your genius, greatness and all-round brilliantocity.
Are the people making you sad?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go get hammered and fuck a pterodactyl then regret it in the morning when you realize you didn't wear a condom and she calls a month later squawking about being pregnant with your baby. So totally have a great birthday.

Happy Birthday GW!!! Keep up the good work!


Happy Birthday GW!
Funny men are sexy and you are the funniest writer I know, therefore, you would totally get some. I would happily wear a T-Rex mask ;)

Happy Birthday Dethday! Now to try and kidnap Brandon Small so he can sing that song for you.

happy birthday man. u r.. AWESOME!!

Does your jersey really say Ratliffe Sweet Meat?

Thanks explains some things...

Happy Birthday Fucker!!!!

Oh boy.... 29.... you know its all down hill from here, believe me...... err cuz ive been told that by other older people... not me... uhmm... HEY!!! Race ya to the end of a case a beer?!?!


yay 247th. go fuck yourself. jk happy birthday...................faggot

Happy B-day, GW! Here's to another year of awesome. :)

I like your socks.


happy fucking birthday to the unknown dude who makes me laugh so hard on a daily basis. the internet would be a lesser place without you..

Happy B-day to you GW! Keep on bringin us the geek! Whoot Whoot! Now... lets eat cake...(I just dropped a piece onto the ground for you and dumped my 40oz. on it) homie!

Consider yourself extremely lucky you lazy fuck. You make your living writing 2 paragraph jokes off of material that gets SENT to you...God I hate you.

Happy Birthday, GW! Here's to another year that you've kept those fucking robots from killing us all. May your never-ending quest of Dino-banging be plentiful this year...and if you don't get lucky in that department (is that even possible for you?), I'll let you grope my tits-and I won't even call the cops this time (until you pass out)!

Cheers you sexy bastard!

Happy Birthday and Herzlichen Glückwunsch from Germany.....Im a big fan of your writing....just awesome...Thank You

Holy crap GW you stole my birthday. Happy birthday to us, I suppose!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaapppy Birthday :D I love your blog :D

you have kept me entertained countless hours since my friend introduced me to the site. for that i thank you from the deepest depth of my robot hating heart and wish you the greatest of birthdays.


As a computer engineer though, i'll say take it easy on the Robits! They want nothing but love ;)

happy birthday man, and many more to come.

Happy Birthday you wonderful-sick-hilarious-genius! We all love what you do and we're always anxious to read your next blog! Many thanks and please keep it up and show those robots no mercy!

i'm a computer engineer - FOR REAL



thankyou very much

happy birthday GW, thanks for entertaining us everyday

Happy birthday GW! Have another year full of dinosaurs and technology :D And those sweet Tokyoflash watches. <3

Happy birthday!

happy birthday GW :D


Weird. I turned 29 years o' age at 7:08 this morning. Am I you from a parallel Earth?

Happy Birthday GW! You make my 9 to 5 job that much easier to get through each day. :]

BTW, don't trip about next years big 3-0. One of my professors is 72 with a 3 year old son. This guy drives a 90's Ford Fiesta and spent most of his career "chasing lizards in Venezuela" (his exact words). You're still game. At least for another 40 years or so. Enjoy this one! Too bad you can't set up paypal so that your readers can send you a beer.

Dud, You're old!!!1!!!!11!!1!!! Happy B-Day GW keep the awesomes on full

Happy Birthday. Im 27 today. :)

At first sight I couldn't make what the shirt says. I thought it was "RAT LIFE SHEET METH"


Happy Bday. Lucky you. You share the same birthday as my father.

Though noone is going to read this post. Too many already for someone to care reading 272 posts

Hey, it's my birthday too, only I'm old enough to be your dad... assuming I started having sex at 10 years and 3 months old, which I did. Thanks Mrs. Brighton, you made 5th grade a whole lot more interesting.

I've read geekologie for nearly a year now... I can't stop coming back everyday, your post makes my day funnier. I hope you have an awesome day and don't read this comment without being hung over, party your brains out and good luck.
Keep the nice work man :D

Fuck it, how about the whole weekend!!

happy birthday GW!!!!! i wish you all the best with becoming an old fart bag. :) but really, have a great day. for your birthday present, i found this number. 1-800-BANG-A-DINO*. i don't know what it's for, but i bet it's good.

*don't call, because i have no idea what will ha- you know, actually, call. i wanna see this :p

happy birthday gw! it's my birthday today too, turning 19 though. may all your dinosexy dreams come true ^.^

Happy, happy birthday! You're awesome! :-)

Happy birthday GW!!!!

Sheet metal rocks! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to you.......Happy Birthday to you....Happy Birthday Mr. Geekologie Writer, Happy Birthday to you. Thanks, Mr. Geekologie Writer for all the things you've done, the battles that you've won, the way you deal with your geeky appeal,
and our problems by the ton, we thank you so much...

*blows kiss*

Wishing you much dino-love and no robot uprising on your special day.

I killed a robot for you <3
Love you, happy birthday

And I'm 27 today. Happy birthday to the both of us guy.

I'm 18 and sexy with 2 girlfriends. Could be 3 but at some point it's just too hard to handle. Oh yeah, happy birthday.

Happy birthday man if it werent for you i wouldnt be scoring with piles upon piles of chicks with my geekologie knowledge!

Happy birthday - now if only you could get all of us gals who want to bang your brains out for your bday into the same room and let us naked pillow fight each other for the right!

It's my birthday too :D
I turn 11!

happy birfday GW!!!!

happy birthday GW, may it be full of hallucinogenic mario mushrooms and naked zeldas, unlike superficial which has went drastically downhill, youl never lose me as a follower if you keep up this level of funny.

Happy birthday! You're awesome!

Still holding onto the faith that you're a swinger... Happy Birthday Dude. Much love. If you know what I mean...

Happy birthday GW! Best wishes from México!

May all your dino-wet dreams come true!

Gettin' the comments like ya get the ladies...
If only more of these were from the latter.
happy fappy birth day.

Didn't we all just wish you a hapy birthday? Oh wait, that's right, the older you get, the quicker time goes. Believe me.

1 year in your 20s = about 3 years in your 30s, perception wise. I'm not even kidding.

So i sent you a cake..there's a surprise waiting inside. Alright I'll say it, it's a hooker. a ROBOT hooker.

I was a dandelion picker on my T-Ball team. Good to know there are others out there.

¡Felíz cumpleaños GW! Less than three you, greetings from your #1 cute Mexican reader :3


three-hundred and FIRST!

HB GW and i love you and dinosaurs.

Happy Birthday, mysterious-but-now-slightly-less-mysterious-writer-of-website-I-check-daily.

Here's to the robots not rising up till the next year!

happy birthday, RAK!

hey, GW, happy bday 4 u, man!

never thought you were the soccer kind!

many happy goals for you, in life, love & everything!



HERE COMES THE BIGGG 29! Happy birthday you awesome goon(: For every year that goes by, you&lil' jim grow wiser(and 1 inch longer). LOL.

Happy birthday you awesome bastard :D

happy bday weird man!

Happy B-day!! many years to come! I`ll make yah a portal cake!


You are too freaking cute in this picture! Happy happy birthday and thanks for entertaining me all these years! I hope you get sloppy drunk and pass out on some chicks naked breast!

Happy birthday. 29 is so long ago, like 1970.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GW, YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST AND MAY YOUR WISHES COME i didn't evenw rite this much for my grandma's card...

Happy Birthday GW. You were so cute :) Enjoy your day!

Happy bday love geekologie I read it every day. Keep it coming (old bastard)


...Dino ButtDay, that is.

I think a birthday orgy is in order.

You da man!

im so happy you havnt died yet :D

Happy Pew Pew GW!

NIce shorts.... YOU FAG!!!!!!
Bahahogglelalalalaaweeeeeee all the home

.....-.--..--.-.-- -......-.-....-...--.-- --...-.--.-----..- --.--.-. ..-.-..-.-..- .-.--....-----.--.--.-. .-..---...-. ---- -....-.---....-..-.-....

Happy Birthday GW!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday GW! May your awesome posts keep coming. (At least until the robots take over the world.)


It's my birthday too... and I'm turning 29! Can we be best friends?

Whatever. This site has gone to shit a long time ago. GW STOP DROPPING NAMES OF L.A. BARS LIKE YOU'RE A LOCAL.
You moved here from wherever man The TIKI room is played out and Hollywood billiards was cool until a bunch of Aholes from who knows where came and turned it into a shit stand with pool tables.

:D happy birthday GW
(a lil late)
may all your gay wishes come trueeee *sparkle*

Happy birthday GW! I love your site, thanks for all the lols!

left handed people go to hell.

oh, happy birthday too!

Happy Birthday GW, I love youuu!

You are awesome. Happy birthday GW.

Happy Birthday!!

Welcome to so cal :D

I know you're probably not reading this anymore. But I just wanted to tell you that I live in southern Brazil (near Uruguay) and I read you everyday. Congratulations, you write very well (and that's what I do for a living!).

Keep bangin' dinos,


We have the same birthday. I'm 19 today.

Happy b-day

Happy Bday GW!!!!! Another year older = another year sexier!

GW your so fucking awesome! WIshing you the best bday ever! May you ride a dino, kill a robot and avenge someones death all at the same time. Feliz Cumpleanos Chingon!!!

Happy Birthday GW :]

Quit spreading stuff from 4chan on your site newfag.

Have a good one dude,and trust me,growing old sucks big hairy hamster balls.

Feliz Cumpleaños Cabrón!

Enjoy your very last year of youth. It's all gonna be downhill after that ;)

you make life worth living.

Happy birthday man. you do this till you die

thanks for everything, gw. i hope you have a speedy recovery from the bday mayhem and merriment!

Happy Buffday GW
Thanx for all the happy memories
Especially the one time when I laugh like a maniac in my classroom just remembering one of your lame jokes and got detention for it :D
Best time of my life!!!

Happy Birthday GW!!!!!

Happy Birthday GW!!! I hope you have a fantastic day! Thank you for letting me indulge my inner geek everyday :) xx

yer a fag. and u smell. happy birthday

Oh god. YOu were so cute. Must have been the socks?
Seriously- Happy Bday. I adore your site...and thank you for sharing your humor, intellect and world with us.

The people of the internet.

awwww you were adorable! happy birthday



Hey! Happy Birthday!
Coincidentally it's my 19th birthday too! :DD
Couldn't think of a cooler person to share it with :]

Happy Birthday, GW! Peace out.

Happy Birthday!

Sheet Metal Kids vs Soccer Robots sounds like a good match up.
Happy Birthday GW!

Happy Birthday GW! I love the site. Your sense of moral righteousness seems to be quite close to mine, so you make me feel warm and fuzzy in the mornings. :) I hope you had a wonderful birthday

today's your day to enjoy a bacon cake

happeh birthday GW

Sometimes I have so much trouble stifling laughs while reading Geekologie that I spit juice out of my nose during lectures.
Geekologie fulfills my day. Every day.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday GW.
love your dino banging ways and death to skynet

Happy bday gw.

Oh, and have the rolling stones killed!

Happy birthday GW! May your day (what's left of it?) be full of dinosaurs and unicorns and robots. I mean, dinosaurs. More of them.

Happy (one day late) birthday GW!!


weird, we're both 29, left-handed and complete smartasses? I knew there was a reason I liked this site.

happy bday. now go get laid.

Happy Birthday GW!

Tis also my birthday on the 12th of August! I was 34 yesterday..well bum :(

On the plus side in Scotland it is known as the "Glorious 12th" as it's the start of the grouse shooting season! Yay us!

Oh, and I am also left handed which legally means we are brothers.

Thank you keeping my day great for so looooooooong :))

Happy birthday dude! You're hilarious!

A belated happy birthday to you GW! (But I know you'll get to read this same as everything else here since you'll probably only regain consciousness in 24 hours)

Belated happy birthday... timezones.

Awesome GW, you have managed to survive to 2010!

Owwwwwww it was yesterday and i was studying and could not enter =S any how... Happy Birthday GW!!!!

Hey, you're only 7 years ahead of me. Wanna get hitched? :D

But seriously, have a great one!

Happy Birthday GW.!!!

Belated, but....oh well...this is Rhodes island in Greece....I have an excuse!

happy belated birthday GW!
thanks for making (almost) everyday a great day with your posts and your lunacy...

Old! As in, you are old as dino turds. But almost 15% sexier.
Happy birthday to you, bone-a-saurus rex.
May you have everything your retarded heart desires.

WOOOOOH Happy Day of birth, GeeDoubleYou!

Expect a sweet Zelda t-shirt coming your way early next week


Check it!!

Soooooooo cute! Hope u have a nice party and wake up tomorrow with two hookers and no memories!
Well, I'm kinda late, but still can wish u good.

Happy birthday, big guy!

The sheet metal shirt saves you from being the gayest looking kid ever. Did the guy that drives the fork lift at the Sheet Metal Storage ever......OK, I guess you don't want to be reminded of being traumatized by a guy in bib overalls touching your No-No place on your birthday.

What kind of strange ball is that under your foot?Must be part of some skippy sport.

Servus Geekologie Writer!

I love your blog, I visit it every day. Most of the time I just read the headlines and look at the pictures because I'm german and don't get your jokes.
All I can say is: HAPPY Birthday!

Pfiat' di!

Happy birthday, I discovered this site just yesterday and it's great, you're hilarious thank you for making me laugh and keeping us informed about random cool shit.

hope you had a ginormous birthday!
sorry I was late .. I just met bail

Happy Birthday, mysterious GW! You make my 12 hour work day seem more like 11. Stay beautiful!

I hope you have a happy birthday... 'cause it only gets worse from here.

(but, really, have a nice birthday. hope you get lots of cake)

Happy Birthday GW!!!

Been reading since 2008 - keep the funny coming. :D

thin lips.. hmmmm... Happy bday mate

Happy Birthday! I myself turn 19 today!

Happy late birthday to you. :D

It was my birthday on the 12th too. =w=b

sorry i am late ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! thanks for your great site it keeps me smiling in my shitty job

I just wanted to say happy belated birthday to one of my favorite writers!

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! I found your site a few weeks ago, and it's one of the BEST discoveries of my summer. You crack me up all day long. I hope you never quit this writing. I read check this site more than NY Times and TechCrunch now. Good stuff.

Happy Belated Birthday, GW!
You're birthday is 6 days before mine!
Though I will be turning 18, so I'm also younger and prettier than you. :P

Happy Birthday!!! U look like a mean full-back in that photo ... :D

better late than never?

better late than never? that's the question....
here's a HOO RAH anyhow

keep up the good.. ehm.. stuff..

I knew you had to be a Leo!
Happy birthday!

yay geek!!! youre sexy as shit!! happy late bday!!!

Happy belated,
No such thing as leftovers
Happiness is cake

Hey yo GW! I've been enjoying your blog for over 2 years now, I sincerely hope many more years are coming. Happy birthday, wish you many more...!

happy very belated to you GW !

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