Happy Birthday To Me!: Your GW Is 29 Today

August 12, 2010


Seen here representing Ratlff Sheet Metal soccer (I played dandelion picker), your GW is 29 today. God I wish I still had those socks. And shorts. Goodwill donations aside, I've got one year left till 30. Then it's a quick ride to geriatric-town and dribbling a pee-trail between the bed and bathroom at night. Kidding, I already do that (too many long car trips). So yeah, feel free to leave a comment wishing me one hell of a dino-banging year (I need all the help I can get), or a slow, painful death at the hands of robotics (I can and will kill you). I don't usually read the comments but I will these so if you have something to say, you better say it now. Also, tomorrow is International Left-Hander's Day so if I seem out of it for the next 48 hours it's because I 120% am and have probably been puking ice-cream cake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

Oh my God I'm 29,

Your Geekologie Writer

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