Aug 12 2010Gaming With God: The Church Of Nintendo


This is the Church of Nintendo. Except not really because it's the Church of St. George in Lalibela, Ethiopia. The D-pad portion of the church and select button were actually carved out of solid rock. Sadly, the start and A and B buttons (trees) were all Photoshopped in. Still, cute. Granted not as cute as if it were entirely real, but neither is this stuffed iguana I'm pretending is a dinosaur for the day. Oh yeah, that's the stuff. Okay, this is important: right before I climax I want you to yell 'The Land Before Time'. NOW -- YELL IT NOW!

Google Maps (click to see for yourself)
Nintendo Controller Church [buzzfeed]

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@1 Uhhhh ur first to be the biggest CocK sucker! :)

i am third thats kinda kool and y r some people so mean to others when they talk about being first r u jelo or what. and y r there people who rally care if this nintindo like or not i mean come on. so what who care sthis is stupid.

@1-3 ... wtf.

Photoshopped? WTH? I mean if they're going to 'shop in details to make it "look like" the Nin-Controller, why not 'shop it into the shape of a freaking Dinosaur Wiener? Or a "just discovered" UFO? Noah's Ark anyone? How about snow angels by Sasquatch? I call BS!

I've seen the place on TV. It's literatlly like a 50ft hole in the rock with a thing in the middle.


this is prolly the dumbest post I've ever seen on geekologie


@3 please go away or somethin'

This is not real. It's actually photoshoped.

videogaming should be a religion.


oh my god
Fucking yes.

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