Aug 12 2010Cool, But Can It Play Red Dead Redemption?


This is the Namba (NOT NAMBLA) Parks Building in Osaka, Japan. As you can see unless hummingbirds pecked both your retinas out, it looks like a giant (first generation) Playstation 3. Coincidence? Or conspiracy? I don't care, just as long as it can play Red Dead Redemption ON THE MOON. Aaaaand I just rode my horse off a cliff into a crater. Great. Sea of Tranquility my ass, I think I just heard a spacewolf!

Visualized: PlayStation 3 is big in Japan [engadget]

Thanks to Jeremy, whose fort looks like a fitted sheet stretched across two stools. Hey -- that's impressive too.

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design had to come from somewhere...

man thats awesome.

That's very cool but just how many usb ports does it have?

Jeremy... that's excatly how i built my forts :-)

is that real? look at the size of that thing compared to the other buildings.

but it was like designed like 4 years before the ps3

Better play my damn ps2 games.

Happy birthday GW! I'mma coming for you...


what I like most about the picture is the ceiling gardens in the lower left

Pretty cool but not as awesome as riding shotgun in a Trans-am on the Autobahn driven by a Velociraptor.

@7 I think catch22 meant that the ps3 design had to come from somewhere.

Either way. Id rather see a 360 building with a nice red circle on the 3rd floor or so.


That was actually an awesome idea for a video game, GW.

I bet the d-pad on that building feels akward and uncomfortanle making it hard to use.

Well, i can say from experience the inside looks juuust like a PS3 too.....which makes for one really poor shopping mall.....wires everywhere...

hell wolf, try going after a bear.

8th floor has English-speaking doctors! Had to go there for food poisoning. Thems raw fishies is dangerous!

Oh, and thanks to a recent patch, no problems with Red Dead on Japanese PS3's any more, woot!

Whatever. This site has gone to shit a long time ago. GW STOP DROPPING NAMES OF L.A. BARS LIKE YOU'RE A LOCAL.
You moved here from wherever man The TIKI room is played out and Hollywood billiards was cool until a bunch of Aholes from who knows where came and turned it into a shit stand with pool tables.

ps3 is big in japan.

That is super-awsome-cool, as long as I can play RDR.

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