Aug 18 2010BOOM!: iPad Not Shotgun Blast Survivable


According to this dumb-as-f*** ad for tax-preparer, paying too much for tax preparation is a lot like an iPad getting blasted with a shotgun. Great analogy, I know. And all along I thought it was like getting bent over an accountant's desk by a man in a green visor! (Been there, done that, started saving my receipts)

Hit the jump for the boomstick in action.

iPad Killed With Shotgun - Film at 11 [crunchgear]

Thanks to knucklehair, who once shotgunned two Mountain Dews in row. Go Team Sober!

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Reader Comments

What a spoiled glutinous country we are that we buy expensive shit just to destroy it with hopes of being popular on the internet.

What is that spiky thing following the bullet?

I don't get why people think destroying stuff is cool. It was interesting the first time but now every idiot on the intarweb is making a 'me too' video. Get some creativity

hmm...looks like GW doesn't know what a shotgun is.

that is stupid

now that song is gunna get stuck in my head...

The Capt'n Approves.

So, wait. FreeTaxUSA is the bullet and paying for tax is the iPad? So shooting the iPad is the desirable choice, using the iPad is throwing money away. OK, I think I got it.

that indeed is a shotgun slug. Thats the wad behind it.

@2 that's the snowflake of death, its not the bullet that kills you but the snowflake. :+:

nah, I'm just pulling your leg. XD

I think your Time Warner Cable ads have given my browsers a Flash disease. "Flash is making your computer run slowly" messages everywhere! both at home and at work (Mac and PC).

hmm...looks like @4 doesn't know what a shotgun slug is.

"9. WBO - August 18, 2010 1:27 PM

that indeed is a shotgun slug. Thats the wad behind it."

Nope, that's a sabot, not a wad, and it's clearly NOT a slug but a large caliber rifle round. And the fact that the sabot is right on it's tail means the rifle barrel couldn't have been inches off screen. great shooting.

@4 - Looks like YOU don't know what a shotgun is. You can fire single slugs out of a shotgun, rather than a big bunch of pellets. The plastic 'wad' traveling behind the slug would indicate that it was indeed a shotgun.

this is kool. and that was probly already known

ITT no one knows anything about guns

It IS a shotgun, but they were shooting 'slugs'. I shoot 'em all the time.

Wow.. some actually found a use for the Ipad..


@ McFeely Smackup - Why exactly does it have to be a rifle round again? Sabots are used when the projectile is a smaller size than the barrel. They've been selling sabot shotgun rounds since the 80's.

I shoot shotgun slugs all the time, and that definitely was a slug. The thing following is a plastic wad. For maximum effect they should have used buckshot.

lol @4 fail.... jesus kids... just cuz you unlocked all the weapons in CoD..... Does NOT make you a weapons expert... idiots

It seems that the advert worked.
If there is tenths [no, hundreds] of videos of this iPad murder on the Internet (especially on blogs like here), it means that people are advertising freetaxusa.
Although they wasted $500 by shooting an iPad, don't worry about it: if this 'scandal' is shown in news, it means free advert and I think an advert before the news is quite more expensive...

@Greenman, gluttony? thats food lol. Headshot?

Headshot? lol and @Greenman, gluttony is food.

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