Jul 15 2010When A Helmet's Not Enough: A Tinfoil Room


How paranoid are you about aliens controlling your brain? If you answered, "VERY", it's too late, they already are and just made you think that so you'd still feel in control. I'd check my butt for antennas if I were you.

This guy decided that more tin foil the better. He couldn't probably convince his wife in the necessity of the protection layer everywhere so he grabbed his couch, his desktop pc and a few giant rolls of tin foil and moved to his garage, where before they stored some food supplies - you still can see that passage down the floor.

Wait -- is that a window in the background? What the hell's the matter with you man?! YOU THINK ALIENS CAN'T CONTROL MINDS THROUGH WINDOWS? If that were the case we wouldn't need foil, just glass! And why the f*** did you wrap the coffee can? To use a Three Little Pigs metaphor, you're like the one who built his house out of retarded.

Hit the jump for four more pictures of Captain Crazy's man-cave.





Tin Foil Hut [englishrussia]

Thanks to rox, who covered her entire house in Saran-Wrap, which didn't do anything but create a fire hazard.

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Reader Comments

Interesting... creepy.

If I had a wife and did that, I'm pretty sure she'd beat me, or leave me, whichever made her feel better.

The Government is LISTENING!!!!!!!!!

@3 Not no more! Ka-Pow!

How does someone become an adult and still not know what tinfoil is?

that is NOT tinfoil. that is silver fabric covering 99% of that room, with a little tinfoil (aluminum) used on accents.

Ever heard of overkill? It just happened.

@5 sounds like you really know your arts and crafts- want to hit up Joann Fabrics later?

Just send a few microwave in that and the guy is cooked.

How old is that computer? That monitor looks pretty old.

Keywords: "moved to his garage"

- 1 for the child rape dungeon under the floor.

Hell the heat in that place could bake ya in summer. boom boom kaplaw!!!

The funniest part of this is that tin foil if anything would INCREASE the ability for people to receive transmissions from whatever you encased in it.

How the fuck did you people get a picture of the inside of my house?

GW HAHAHAHA "the one who built his house out of retarded"!!! crack me up haha

reminds me of one of the rooms from dr evils space station

hrm...not my taste. This place looks like a retro space themed disco room. :P

Call me crazy, but I like it. Kind of a 60's retro thing going on there.

@19 I agree. Ahh,The good ol' days of the CRT monitor. :P

You could turn this place into Chernobyl by turning on a microwave. Shit. I just gave away how the gov'ment's going to take out everyone who knows the truth. I'm moving to the wilderness of Canada to hide out with Ralph Nader. Who wants to come with me? Nobody? Okay...I'll just let myself out...

He shoulda spent money on a new moniter instead =)

@ McFeely Smackup:

I ain't no math,matician but the room isn't 99% covered. Look at the floor ya arrogant smart-ass. Fail.

ha anyone watch trailer park boys...they covered an entire trailer in aluminum foil for growing weed....this would be the white collar version?

Next week you'll see this guy featured on "To Catch a Predator"

stay tuned!

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