Jul 16 2010Kickin' Ass: Street Fighter Inspired Nikes


How bout some Street Fighter II inspired sneakers? No? I'm with ya, I only wear flip-flops too. Besides, you've gotta admit the Street Fighter resemblance is subtle at best. They could have at least thrown a hadouken on the side of the Ryus. And, I dunno, maybe some bigass thunder-thighs on the Chun Li's. Shit, the more I look at them the more I'm convinced they aren't even Street Fighter. Just wait -- I give it three months before they're selling them as Yo Gabba Gabba.

Nike SB Dunk Street Fighter Pack [albotas]

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I'd buy the Ryu's for less than $65

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@3 if your boyfriend is 8 years older than you how do you know hes not your dad?

@4 LOLWUT? obviously DNA tests

@4 accepting a real stretch of reality and 3 isn't just some twunt advertising a lame arsed website
have you considered that she might have actually met her dad?

You might have met him too, he could be one of those men thet give money to your mum when she's nice to them.

yeah i guess they're cute

@ 5 DNA TESTS -- what is this, the future??? Keep dreaming space cowboy

Nothing about them remind me of Street Fighter they are just a pair of blue shoes and a pair of red, white, and black shoes. Also that spammer person has been commenting for a while i just figured we were all ignoring them now...

Chun Li's show needs bigger boobs

Animal Shaped Rubber Bands

I want Dhalsim shoes as I wasn't born with feet.

"oh these shoes?" Yah, I wear them to support my favorite 1990's video game.

"they're blue".

yah, clearly!

Where is the Guile shows? No love for the USA?

Is it just me, or are these just shoes that coincide with those two's outfit colors?

Take away the SF2 photo -- just sneakers then.

You fag. Could you at least post the link to the actual article/site and not to some other fucking blog?

That's cool!

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Wow, even for 97 shoes advertising

Wow, so weak

Brilliant share its great that nike involve in ti.
Nice blog.

@12 besT comment ever!!

No surprise here Nike won King Of The Road, congrats to Grant, Justin and the rest of the team.

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